Oculus reportedly formulation $200 standalone wireless VR headset for 2018

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Facebook is set to exhibit a standalone Oculus practical existence headset after this year, Bloomberg reports, with a boat date of someday in 2018. The headset will work though requiring a tethered PC or smartphone, according to a report, and will be branded with a Oculus name around a world, solely in China, where it’ll lift Xiaomi trade dress and run some Xiaomi program as partial of a partnership that extends to production skeleton for a device.

Wireless VR, and VR that doesn’t need any additional inclination over a headset, is a famous idea for Facebook and Oculus, as Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg has formerly discussed a mid-point difficulty between entry-level smartphone-based VR as demonstrated by a Samsung Gear VR, and PC-based high-end VR like that found in a Oculus Rift and HTC Vive. HTC announced a intentions to build a standalone VR device formed on Google’s Daydream height progressing this year.

Samsung is also operative on standalone VR, with reported “Odyssey” branding. Facebook has also pronounced it’s operative on a wireless chronicle of a Rift, with homogeneous energy to that device when tethered to a PC, as Bloomberg notes. This supposed “Santa Cruz” antecedent is still in development, and Facebook is still operative on a standalone inside/out environmental tracking efforts.

This new reported device, that bears a code-name “Pacific,” according to a report, will demeanour like a Rift in terms of pattern though be lighter than a stream Samsung Gear VR headset, and will be powered by a Snapdragon mobile processor with improved graphics capabilities than a Gear VR, though though positional tracking like that done probable on a Rift around Oculus sensors.

The pivotal part here will be a change of cost and performance: Facebook will reportedly sell a headset for around $200, that could assistance it attract a most broader assembly contra a some-more costly Rift (which is on sale for a lowest cost ever during $399 currently, bundled with Touch controllers). Still, Oculus seems vigilant on stability to support Rift and a PC, as good as a Gear VR partnership with Samsung, with a aim of reaching as many business as probable with mixed approaches to VR.

The VR attention during vast is still perplexing to find a right change to make a record some-more broadly appealing to consumers — a subsequent aim appears to be affordable, standalone units, and it’ll be engaging to see how a Oculus proceed compares to Google’s skeleton for dedicated Daydream headsets.

Oculus supposing a following matter to TechCrunch around a spokesperson:

We don’t have a product to betray during this time, however we can endorse that we’re creation several poignant record investments in a standalone VR category. This is in further to the joining to high-end VR products like Oculus Rift and mobile phone products like Gear VR.