Ohio State Pulls Away to Blow Out Virginia Tech

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Ohio State
After an sparkling opening weekend in college football, Ohio State sealed out a weekend with an considerable over Virginia Tech in Blacksburg. The Buckeyes got off to a prohibited start though fell behind 17-14 during halftime after a integrate of mistimed turnovers. Yet, in a end, they pulled divided to win comfortably. Unfortunately, for a Hokies, their starting quarterback Michael Brewer pennyless his collarbone early in a second half, and that unequivocally incited a waves for Ohio State to lift divided and win by a final measure of 42-24.

Ohio State finished final deteriorate on an implausible high violence Alabama and Oregon to win a initial College Football Playoff, and they continued that movement into this opening victory. The large doubt surrounding a Buckeyes entrance into this matchup is who would start during quarterback; final year’s unchanging deteriorate starter, JT Barrett, or a male who took a reins to win a inhabitant championship, Cardale Jones. They had such an annoyance of cache during a quarterback position that Braxton Miller, a male who would have started final year if not for a preseason damage and was a three-year starter before that, was changed to far-reaching receiver. Urban Meyer left a preference until a unequivocally last-minute, and in a end, it was Jones who got a start and he did not disappoint.

Cardale Jones has intensely considerable arm strength and ability. He showed it off on a unequivocally initial expostulate of a diversion creation some implausible throws on a approach to an opening score. On a unequivocally subsequent drive, Ohio State showed their change when their Heisman claimant using back, Ezekiel Elliott, took his initial lift of a diversion 80 yards for an easy score. Virginia Tech started solemnly on both sides of a ball, though after descending behind 14-0, they started to find a stroke on both sides of a ball. The invulnerability combined a few turnovers and a Hokie offense scored on some wide-open flitting plays. Going into halftime, a home fans were happy to see their Hokies adult 17-14.

Coming out of halftime, Virginia Tech was full of certainty after clawing behind to benefit a lead. However, that certainty did not final prolonged as Braxton Miller immediately gave Ohio State a lead behind with a good end-around run with an implausible spin pierce to bust it open. On a indirect Hokie drive, they mislaid their QB when Brewer had to leave a diversion due to a damaged collarbone. The invulnerability hold on for a small while and a backup done some plays, though during this point, Ohio State unequivocally started to dominate.

While Ohio State’s invulnerability was not overly impressive, they did a pursuit though their best defender and maybe a best defender in a republic in Joey Bosa, who missed this diversion due to suspension. Not overly blank Bosa usually goes to uncover how considerable a buckeyes abyss is, with chosen talent during scarcely each position on a field. The invulnerability will positively be good, though their offense is unequivocally going to be considerable this deteriorate with an annoyance of cache during a ability positions. With Jones, Miller, and Elliott all already looking in midseason form a rest of a Big 10, and a republic for that matter, need to watch out for a group that was already a unanimously top-ranked group in a republic before this considerable win.

It was a tough detriment for Virginia Tech not usually a game but losing their starting QB for 4-6 weeks. By a end, they looked overmatched though there were genuine good signs for a group that will unequivocally contest good in a ACC. Luckily, for a Hokies, they equivocate both Florida State and Clemson in ACC play and that will assistance them on a approach to perplexing to plea for a ACC title.

Ohio State showed their prevalence pulling divided in a second half to kick Virginia Tech by a final measure of 42-24. The Buckeyes unequivocally did all right in this diversion and did zero to inhibit anyone from meditative they are a unanimous tip group in a nation. This was their toughest exam of non-conference play and they will expected journey past their subsequent 3 matchups on their approach to opening their Big 10 report opposite Indiana.

Commentary By Max Petkevicius
Edited By Leigh Haugh

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Photo Courtesy of MGoBlog’s Flickr Page – Creative Commons License

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