Okay, These Probably Shouldn’t Be Pets, But Stella The Kinkajou Is Way Too Cute

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Most people who are looking to supplement pets to their family finish adult adopting cats or dogs, yet Justin and Samantha Powell’s bushy small crony is only a bit some-more exotic.

A few years ago, a Florida residents went to a dilettante breeder and bought Stella, a three-week-old kinkajou. These creatures come from a rainforests of Central and South America. They’re also famous as sugar bears since those that live in captivity, like Stella, adore eating honey. While there is an ongoing discuss as to either these darling critters should or shouldn’t be pets, we can’t repudiate that Stella positively seems to be enjoying life with her family.

The Powells expected bought Stella from a domestic breeder, yet it’s always tough to be certain either people who sell outlandish pets are treating them humanely. Many outlandish animals are sole by bootleg trades.

It’s also value mentioning that yet kinkajous are customarily still and docile, they have been famous to get aggressive, claw, and bite. However, Stella is only play-biting below.

All that said, it’s transparent to anyone who can see that Stella loves her home.