Olympics in Rio Already Witness Shocking Upset in Men’s Tennis

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The Olympics in Rio usually began this past weekend, with a opening ceremonies holding place on Aug 5,2016 but they have already witnessed a intolerable dissapoint in men’s tennis. The world’s series one tennis player, Novak Djokovic was suspended in a initial turn of Olympic play. He suffered a detriment to Juan Del Potro, who degraded a tennis actor in a bronze award compare during the 2012 Olympics, in London. This continues a historical trend with the men’s number one seeds descending brief during a games. Roger Federer famously brief in a final 3 Olympic games, while other series ones have also unsuccessful to win a bullion medal.

Djokovic entered a contest as a reigning world’s series one tennis actor and a favorite to win a bullion for his local nation of Serbia. Just dual months ago, he achieved a one idea on a veteran circuit that had so distant eluded him – winning a French Open. In so doing, he not usually achieved a career Grand Slam but became a initial man, in roughly half a century, to have won 4 true Grand Slam championships. At that point, Djokovic looked simply unbeatable, and a arrogance that he would once again finish this year atop a rankings was tough to dispute. However, after pang a surprisingly early defeat in the third turn in Wimbledon and now, this intolerable detriment in a initial turn of a Olympics, he is commencement to demeanour a lot some-more exposed than previously believed.

However, there are still some really achieved group who have a possibility during creation history. Both Rafael Nadal of Spain, and Andy Murray of Great Britain remain, and any male has won a Olympic bullion award before. They also have mixed Grand Slam titles under their belts. Murray won a bullion before a extravagantly eager home throng in London, in 2012, and recently won Wimbledon for a second time in his career. Now, he is perplexing to turn a initial man, in history, to win a second Olympic bullion award in men’s tennis. However, he has a combined vigour of perplexing to equivocate a kind of intolerable dissapoint in men’s tennis that a Rio Olympics have already witnessed.

Nadal will also try to turn a initial male to win dual bullion medals in men’s tennis. He won a bullion award in a 2008 games, fasten American Andre Agassi, as a usually dual group who have managed to grasp a career Golden Slam – winning all 4 Grand Slams, as good as a Olympic bullion medal. Nadal is a former series one champion, who happens to be one of a many flashy players in a story of men’s tennis, with fourteen Grand Slam titles to his name. He is perplexing to supplement a second Olympic bullion award to his resume.

As for Federer, a many flashy men’s tennis actor in history, could not attend in a 2016 games, due to a critical knee damage that forced him to finish his deteriorate early. Federer had to settle for a china after he mislaid a bullion award compare during a 2012 Olympics to Murray. However, he did win a bullion award in a 2008 Olympic Games in Beijing, in doubles play with his partner and countryman, Stan Wawrinka.

The 2016 Olympics in Rio usually started, nonetheless they have already witnessed several intolerable upsets, not usually in men’s Tennis, though with a better of a top-seeded Williams sisters, in women’s doubles tennis, as good as a top-seeded men’s doubles team, Nicolas Mahut and Pierre-Hughes Herbert of France. It should be remarkable that Murray, who is now a tip remaining seed on a men’s side, already suffered a intolerable early exit in a men’s doubles, where he and his hermit lost, notwithstanding being a rarely regarded second seed in a draw. These are reminders that upsets do happen. In a Olympics, quite on a men’s side, they seem to occur some-more often.

Opinion by Charles Bordeau
Edited by Jeanette Smith


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