On a Campaign Trail: G.O.P. Race Grows Cruder and More Aggressive

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Senator Marco Rubio of Florida on Sunday during Patrick Henry College in Purcellville, Va., where he indicted Donald J. Trump of being a fraud, a hazard to inhabitant confidence and presumably a racist.

Gabriella Demczuk for The New York Times

PURCELLVILLE, Va. — It is a kind of debate he pronounced he would never run. But Senator Marco Rubio, saying his trail to a Republican assignment grow narrower with any contest, has dynamic that a usually proceed to kick Donald J. Trump is to quarrel like him: rough, unwashed and mean.

The astringency entrance from Mr. Rubio these days, and a gleefully monster proceed Mr. Trump has responded, have sent an already surreal presidential debate lurching into a gutter with taunts over perspiration, urination and self-tanner.

On Sunday, a hits were some-more substantive, though no reduction aggressive: Mr. Rubio scoffed during Mr. Trump’s wardrobe line — “those run-down ties” — and criticized him for creation them in China. He pronounced Mr. Trump’s preparation business, Trump University, was a rascal that radically stole tens of thousands of dollars from a students. And he voiced mystification that during a radio pronounce Sunday morning, Mr. Trump refused to countermand a white supremacist David Duke or a Ku Klux Klan.

“We can't be a celebration who nominates someone who refuses to reject white supremacists,” Mr. Rubio said, to resounding capitulation from a crowd.

Mr. Trump, who has been indicted of stirring adult secular strife, handed his critics some-more ammunition on Sunday when he refused a eventuality to stretch himself from Mr. Duke and a Klan. Asked regularly to do so in an pronounce with CNN, he demurred. “You wouldn’t wish me to reject a organisation that we know zero about,” he said. “I would have to look.”

Later he backtracked, posting on Twitter, “I disavow.”

Mr. Rubio’s headfirst thrust into a hitch with Mr. Trump is a distinguished turnaround that a Florida senator himself calls disappointing. But it also reflects a end that his above-the-fray proceed was ineffectual opposite a front-runner who seems to benefit recognition with any quarrel he picks.

“I had hoped that this would be a debate usually about ideas,” Mr. Rubio told a throng of some-more than 3,000 here, in a distant suburbs of Washington, as he indicted Mr. Trump of being a fraud, a hazard to inhabitant confidence and presumably even a racist.

“I need your opinion Tuesday,” Mr. Rubio told his audience, that was about as unruly and charcterised as any he had drawn. “Friends do not let friends opinion for criminal artists.”

Virginia is one of some-more than 10 delegate-rich states that will opinion in a Super Tuesday contests this week — others embody Texas, Georgia, Alabama and Massachusetts — many of that Mr. Trump is adored to win.

But Mr. Trump was not calm on Sunday to rest on his polls: He picked adult a publicity of Senator Jeff Sessions of Alabama, a intense competition of a immigration renovate that Mr. Rubio championed in 2013, in a boisterous late-afternoon convene outward Huntsville, Ala.

“I told Donald Trump, ‘This isn’t a campaign, this is a movement,’ ” Mr. Sessions said, looking out over a throng of thousands.

Senator Ted Cruz of Texas, campaigning in Oklahoma, attempted to keep himself in a thick of a Republican quarrel by aggressive Mr. Trump over his use of unfamiliar workers. But Gov. John Kasich of Ohio, all though surrender a Super Tuesday contests, lamented a dispersion derby-like state of a primary contest, anticipating his clarity of culture would assistance him win over electorate in Massachusetts.

On a Democratic side, Hillary Clinton and Senator Bernie Sanders of Vermont both pounded Mr. Trump, as Mrs. Clinton all though abandoned Mr. Sanders in courting black electorate in Tennessee, while Mr. Sanders, campaigning in Oklahoma and Colorado, announced that “love trumps hatred.”

Mr. Rubio has seemed to clarity that he could compensate a cost if he is seen as enchanting in a kind of bullying that Mr. Trump has trademarked.

“These are facts,” he said, explaining his attacks on Sunday, “about an particular who wants entrance to a chief codes for America.”

As they watched Mr. Trump bind his third true feat with a win in a Nevada caucuses final week, Mr. Rubio and his aides resolved that a usually proceed to kick him was to get inside his head, by bending to his level: Taunt, insult, ridicule and have a blast doing it.

They seem confident that it is working.

“We came to a end that if being a partial of a playground is a cost we have to compensate in sequence for us to eventually be means to pronounce about concrete policy, afterwards that’s what we’re going to do,” pronounced Todd Harris, a comparison Rubio adviser.

Mr. Harris remarkable that Mr. Rubio’s speeches were now being carried live on television. And if a cost of admission, he added, was articulate about “how Trump is a criminal man, with a bad mist tan,” so be it.

What has followed is a competition that looks some-more like a accumulation uncover than a debate to elect a many absolute personality on earth.

So far, Rubio supporters seem astounded by, if open to, his change in tone.

Alison Whiteley, a retirement in her 50s who saw Mr. Rubio pronounce in Oklahoma City on Friday, pronounced a competition had incited “uglier” this cycle, though she did not censure Mr. Rubio, whom she supports. “Rubio would not be behaving like this if it wasn’t for Trump,” she said. “He has to mount adult for himself since Trump is usually regulating all over everybody.”

Cruz Lets Fly a Populist Pitch

Supporters of Senator Ted Cruz of Texas examination him pronounce Sunday during a convene in Oklahoma City.

Cooper Neill for The New York Times

TULSA, Okla. — A list of topics Mr. Cruz did not design to be deliberating 48 hours before a many critical day of his candidacy: his antithesis to a Ku Klux Klan; Mr. Trump’s taxation earnings and his probable ties to a mobster Fat Tony Salerno; “Celebrity Apprentice.”

Yet with Mr. Cruz’s long-ballyhooed Southern firewall underneath assault, resources have conspired to force a Texas senator off message, if he hopes to sojourn executive to a review during all.

Mr. Cruz, unfortunate for a Super Tuesday feat outward his home state, slipped north for 3 events in Oklahoma, a essential target.

“The usually campaign, a usually candidate, in position to kick Trump on Super Tuesday is us,” he told a few hundred energized locals inside a cavernous expo gymnasium in Tulsa.

For days, Mr. Cruz has pleaded with electorate not to be dazzled by “P. T. Barnum” and a “dancing bears” of a 2016 election.

On Sunday, during a sprawling eventuality formidable where he spoke, he competed for courtesy with an tangible circus, elephants and all; a gun show; a girl volleyball tournament; and a “Golden Driller,” a obvious 76-foot statue of an oil worker.

The senator let fly a populist pitch, praising those “with calluses on your hands” and faulting Mr. Trump for regulating unfamiliar labor to fill use jobs.

He asked those who had worked in restaurants to lift their hands. “Take a demeanour during a hands,” he said, adding, “My father started soaking dishes.”

As he finished, a tiny animal rights criticism flared outside.

“The playground hurts animals,” review one sign, hauled by a immature child.

It showed an harmed elephant.


Kasich Pleads for Civility

SPRINGFIELD, Mass. — Governor Kasich is ill and sleepy of all a shouting.

Mr. Kasich, a Mr. Positive in a Republican field, does not design to win any states on Tuesday. But he hopes to do good in during slightest a few of them, including Massachusetts.

And these days, he would usually like everybody to be nicer.

He removed Ronald Reagan, Margaret Thatcher, Winston Churchill and a Rev. Billy Graham. They did not lift their voices, he said.

“The people in a media, they adore a yelling and a screaming and a cheering and a insults, since it’s like being in Talladega,” he pronounced during a town-hall-style forum here.

“We go to those races and we wish to see something occur that ain’t good on Turn 3 during Talladega,” he said. “But when we go to a races, we don’t wish to see a crackup any time they go around a track, and that’s what we’re removing currently in American politics.”

“Frankly,” he added, “it’s disgraceful.”

The throng applauded. Mr. Kasich pronounced that a acclaim would never make it to radio screens. “Because it’s nobody aggressive anybody,” he said.

Mr. Kasich shortly incited to take questions. Lenny Cooperman, 63, an executive law judge, asked him about immigration, though combined a preface. “I extol we for gripping an atmosphere of grace and politeness in this campaign,” he said.

But that was not adequate to win him over. After a forum, Mr. Cooperman pronounced he was focused on determining between dual candidates: Mr. Kasich and Mr. Trump. He pronounced he favourite a thought of an outsider.


Clinton Vows to Tackle Racism

Hillary Clinton holding a design with supporters Sunday during Meharry Medical College in Nashville.

Doug Mills/The New York Times

MEMPHIS — A day after black electorate delivered Mrs. Clinton an strenuous feat in a South Carolina primary, she spoke during dual black churches here, vowing to “tackle a stability plea of systemic racism” and decrying Mr. Trump’s slogan, “Make America Great Again.”

“America has never stopped being great,” she pronounced during a Greater Imani Cathedral of Faith, her reference to Mr. Trump call a shrill amen. “Our task,” Mrs. Clinton continued, “is to make America whole.”

After capturing scarcely 74 percent of a black opinion in South Carolina, Mrs. Clinton hopes support from African-Americans will propel her to victories opposite Mr. Sanders in Tennessee, Georgia and other Southern states on Tuesday.

Mrs. Clinton regularly spoke of bringing some-more “love and kindness” to a country.

“I know it’s kind of peculiar infrequently when people hear me articulate about, as we did final night in South Carolina, how we need some-more adore and kindness,” she pronounced during a Mississippi Boulevard Christian Church on Sunday.

“But we trust that with all my heart,” she said. “We have to start treating any other with respect, listening to any other, holding out hands, a fellowship.”

In her branch speech, Mrs. Clinton seemed to put Mr. Sanders in her rearview mirror, focusing on a stakes if a Republican won in a fall.

She also spoke about a countries she visited as secretary of state — “large ones, tiny ones, itsy-bitsy ones,” as she pronounced during a stop in Nashville.

“They all wish to be like us,” she said, adding: “We need to be whole, where everybody feels like we’re all in this together.”

A male in a throng yelled out, “We adore you, Hillary!”

Mrs. Clinton smiled and said, “You know, I’m all about adore and kindness, so we certain conclude that.”


Sanders Is Blunt Yet Upbeat

About 6,000 people collected Sunday in Oklahoma City to see Senator Bernie Sanders of Vermont.

Cooper Neill for The New York Times

FORT COLLINS, Colo. — Mr. Sanders did not chop difference about his South Carolina loss. “We got decimated,” he pronounced Sunday on ABC’s “This Week.”

“The usually certain thing for us is we won a indeed — a 29 years of age and younger vote. And that was good. But we got killed.”

Still, he was upbeat. “We consider we’re going to do really good in Minnesota on Super Tuesday; Colorado we’re going to do well; Oklahoma we’re going to do well,” he said. “I consider we’re going to win in Massachusetts. And we trust we’re going to win in Vermont. And we’re going to do improved than people consider in other states.”

He was buoyed by a throng of about 6,000 in Oklahoma City, before streamer to Fort Collins, Colo. He pronounced he looked brazen to defeating Mr. Trump in November, whom he bloody for scornful “Mexican, Muslims, women, African-Americans, veterans and fundamentally anybody who does not demeanour like him.”

“We will win,” Mr. Sanders said, “because adore trumps hatred.”