One Man’s Reaction To Spotting A Strange Fish Will Have You Laughing ‘Til You Cry

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Facebook users Michael Bergin and Jason Foster were out enjoying one of a final balmy days off of a seashore of Boston, Massachusetts, when they happened on a bizarre fish. The vehement friends were so confused by a peculiar animal’s coming that they available their reactions…

And what happened was hilarious.

Warning: Michael and Jay do use some pornographic denunciation in this video.


The quadruped they available was many expected an sea sunfish. Although it looked really odd, a fish wasn’t in any danger. (No need to warning a aquarium!) Sunfish mostly spend their days immoderate jellyfish. Even yet their name implies that they spend a good understanding of time basking in a sun, adults are typically submerged during inlet larger than 200 meters.

This is a sea sunfish. Although, yes, it is strange-looking, it isn’t dying.

This is a a href= target=_blankocean sunfish/a. Although, yes, it is strange-looking, it isn't dying.


Nor is it a “baby wheel, man!”

Due to Michael’s hilariously happy commentary, some satire videos have already popped adult online.