One Mom Got Into A Horrific Car Accident. If You Have Kids, You Need To See This.

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A parent’s misfortune calamity is something function to their children.

Still, infrequently we can remove steer of since we take a reserve precautions we do. We can even get messy and idle about indeed doing things correctly.

When it comes to kids’ automobile seats, regulating them and doing it right can be a disproportion between life and death. That’s since one mom’s summary is so critical to hear.

Jenna Casado Rabberman stopped to get divert after picking adult her kids. Another automobile slammed into theirs.

Jenna Casado Rabberman stopped to get divert after picking adult her kids. Another automobile slammed into theirs.

Facebook / Jenna Casado Rabberman

She and her kids walked divided with hardly a scratch, something puncture responders credited to a correct buckling of her kids’ automobile seats. Read her whole defence below.

I’m not one to post anything too complicated or personal on Facebook though guys… THIS is since we bend your kids into their automobile seats rightly each SINGLE time. Even when they roar since a straps are tight. Even when they protest about a chest shave or being back facing. We stopped for divert on a approach home from preschool yesterday. We were mins from home. Another automobile slammed into us. You never consider it will occur to you. My boys transient though a blemish though a paramedics told me it could have been unequivocally opposite had we not taken a additional 2 mins to be certain they were buckled correctly. we will be fine, my kids are fine, all else can be replaced. Sending interjection to God for gripping us protected (along with Honda, Graco Chicco).

Edited to add:
I’m removing a lot of PMs seeking these questions so we wish to supplement this information.
My small one is 6 weeks aged my comparison son is scarcely 3.
My automobile was a 2015 Honda CRV. (His name was Yoshi, might he rest in peace)
The seats are a Chicco Keyfit 30 (infant seat) Graco Children’s Products 4ever. Both were back facing.

I never approaching this post to be seen by so many people! we unequivocally usually posted it for family friends though hopefully it will save a life by creation someone consider twice about buckling their child in.

This is such an critical sign for all of us to bend adult and stay protected while out on a road. I’m so blissful she and her kids are okay.