One Wheel Electric Hoverboard

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Hoverboard is new skateboard-like car with a single circle placed mainly underneath a board. It is powered, and it facilities a self-balancing complement to pierce around.


There is also designed an app to entirely entrance a Hoverboard:

  • Activate your Hoverboard
  • Check assign turn and battery health
  • Set Speed Limit (for any setup user)
  • Lock your Hoverboard
  • Log roving data, max-speed, avg-speed, stretch traveled, etc.
  • Protect your Hoverboard from theft
  • Customize a lighting
  • Customize a LED Bar Graphs
  • Play Music and customize sound


The plan debate is on the Kickstarter, backers can get one with a oath of $3,775. Shipping is estimated to start in Jul 2016, and will be accessible anywhere.


Source: Kickstarter