Online Resource for Precision Cancer Medicine Launched

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Precision cancer medicine – diagnosis and diagnosis formed on a genetic abnormalities of a specific expansion – is personification an ever-larger purpose in cancer care. The margin got a boost progressing this year when President Barack Obama due a $215 million sovereign Precision Medicine Initiative with cancer as one of a priorities.


Dana-Farber/Brigham and Women’s Cancer Center (DF/BWCC), a personality in a field, has a new website ( to bond patients and physicians with information about pointing cancer medicine, including abounding resources on what pointing cancer is, how it can be practical to cancer caring today, and on specific clinical trials to residence sold genetic mutations.

“Precision medicine means aligning treatments with specific abnormalities we see in a patient’s cancer,” explained Barrett Rollins, MD, PhD, and Dana-Farber’s arch systematic officer. He records that many cancers arise from alterations in genes that routinely control dungeon expansion and division. The mapping of a tellurian genome modernized a bargain of a genetic alterations compared with opposite cancers.

“Precision cancer medicine aims to entirely impersonate a changes benefaction in a cancers, so that diagnosis is targeted opposite a molecular changes in any cancer, and during a same time reduction poisonous to normal cells,” said Neal Lindeman, MD, executive of a Center for Advanced Molecular Diagnostics during Brigham and Women’s Hospital where DNA samples from patients’ tumors are analyzed to detect cancer-related mutations.

The new website includes several sections that are easy to navigate and explore. “The Latest Thinking” highlights news about a field, including new systematic commentary and useful facilities such as, “Five things we should know about pointing medicine.”

Three patients report their possess experiences, and outline how pointing diagnosis methods softened their outcomes.

Another territory highlights Profile, one of a nation’s many extensive pointing cancer medicine investigate initiatives. Genetic information is collected from DNA scans of expansion samples and gathered in databases for investigate on cancers and how they respond to therapies. All cancer patients during DF/BWCC and Dana-Farber/Boston Children’s Cancer and Blood Disorders Center might agree to have this research of their expansion DNA.

Since Aug 2011, some-more than 11,000 genetic expansion profiles have been generated. In some cases, a information can assistance physicians make accurate diagnoses, envision a cancer’s behavior, or name a cancer therapies that are many expected to be effective.

“Find Clinical Trials” helps impending patients and physicians to rise list of clinical trials that compare their diagnosis, and afterwards to slight a hunt formula by adding a specific genes and mutations found in their cancers.  Web site users might afterwards ask an appointment with an oncologist online or by phone.

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