Open Innovation Challenge

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Yara is rising a initial Open Innovation Challenge. We’re awarding students NOK 100.000* for a best thought to solve some of a world’s vital challenges.

What feeds your curiosity?

It took knowledge, oddity and imagination for Norwegian scientist Kristian Birkeland to change food prolongation and save millions from fast in 1905.

However, a world is still confronting strenuous challenges, and creation is essential to rebellious them. That is because we are rising a Open Innovation Challenge, seeking we to assistance us with new ideas.

In lapse we offer:

  • The best thought will be awarded NOK 100.000*
  • Potential agreement with Yara to serve rise a idea
  • Prioritized boarding to summer internship 2018 and/or part-time/permanent position
  • Expert recommendation and display to Yara’s Executive Management

*if dual ideas are comparison as winners, a esteem will be divided equally between them

From 14th of June until 14th of September we are opening adult for students to contention their ideas.

Read some-more about how a plea works: The process  – afterwards register and contention your ideas.

Click on a links next to see a 4 hurdles for you:

Farm of a Future: AgriTech

Open creation plea - Environmental solutions

Open creation plea - Sustainable wrapping

Circular economy - Gypsum


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