Open Source Wi-Fi connected IoT Button

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1btn is an open source, do-it-all symbol for a Internet. It uses a internet to finish an reserved charge with a click of a singular button. It connects to a internet over Wi-Fi to trigger this action regulating a web-based interface. It does not say a continual tie to a internet, it sleeps until pressed, afterwards it connects to a internet, performs a reserved task, tells we a outcome around a LED, and afterwards earnings to rest. Its little Li-poly dungeon is good for around 300 symbol presses and it recharges around USB.


No app is compulsory to do this, the configuration interface is accessible around a web-based console UI that can be accessed from any computer, including mobile devices. Several renouned services will be upheld out-of-the-box, including Twilio to send SMS messages or emails. You’ll be means to set adult URL-based actions like branch connected lights on and off, or start a pot of tea but putting your whole network during risk. 1btn will confederate with IFTTT so that we can emanate absolute step-by-step routines that take caring of themselves with a singular symbol press.



You can secure a 1btn by pledging $30 to support Knewron’s Crowd Supply project. It has so distant lifted some-more than $938 from some-more than 21 backers, with 34 days to go before a debate ends. Knewron Technologies is formulation to boat them in early August.


Source: Crowd Supply