Ozzy Osbourne Sets Farewell Tour Dates

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You had to know this was coming. After Black Sabbath wrapped adult their farewell debate behind in February, it was usually a matter of time before Ozzy Osbourne announced his solo farewell tour.

This morning Osbourne done a proclamation everybody was expecting, and expelled a initial few months of debate dates. While a whole report has nonetheless to be announced, including his North American dates, his fans can during slightest get a glance of where he will be by a center of subsequent year.

Osbourne started his career in 1968 with a arrangement of Black Sabbath. He was dismissed from a rope in 1979, after that he started a really successful solo career. While on debate he will play song from all 5 decades of his career, including hits from Black Sabbath. The debate starts subsequent May in Mexico, with dates using by until Jul where he will make a stop in Lisbon, Portugal. The dates cover Mexico, South America and Europe, with some-more concerts being announced subsequent year. 

Whatever we do though, don’t cruise this a 68 year aged Osbourne’s retirement. In a press recover he pronounced ““People keep seeking me when I’m retiring. This will be my final universe tour, though we can’t contend we won’t do some shows here and there.” And even it it was his retirement, his farewell debate is approaching to final good into 2020, so it will be a prolonged goodbye regardless.

Photo: Egghead06 on Wikipedia