Palestinians Deliver Accusations of Israeli War Crimes to Hague Court

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Riad al-Malki, a Palestinian unfamiliar minister, center, and commission members on Thursday after submitting what they called justification of Israeli fight crimes to the  International Criminal Court in The Hague.

Robin Van Lonkhuijsen/European Pressphoto Agency

The  International Criminal Court’s arch prosecutor, Fatou Bensouda, in 2012.

Hiroko Masuike/The New York Times

PARIS — Palestinian leaders delivered files documenting what they contend are Israeli fight crimes on Thursday during a International Criminal Court in The Hague, broadening a new front in a Middle East conflict.

The files embody descriptions of troops operations via a assigned territories and in sold final year’s fight in a Gaza Strip, Palestinian spokesmen said. One set of papers covers killings of civilians and a diagnosis of Palestinian prisoners, while another deals with what Palestinians cruise to be Israel’s bootleg settlements in a West Bank and East Jerusalem, that could accommodate a clarification of fight crimes.

The long-expected pierce carried distant larger mystic weight than it did authorised weight. The Palestinian papers are not deliberate rapist evidence, nonetheless will be treated as partial of a fact entertainment by a court’s arch prosecutor, who is stability an hearing she began in Jan to confirm if there is a clever adequate box to open a rapist investigation.

For a Palestinians, though, it was another step on a prolonged and bloodied highway to allege their pull for autonomy and a essential partial of their expostulate to reason l Israel accountable, before an general court, for a decades-long troops function of lands a Palestinians explain for a state of their own.

Xavier Abu Eid, a orator for a Palestine Liberation Organization, pronounced Palestinians had struggled for years in general forums to strech a International Criminal Court. “Whoever says that a Palestinians are perplexing to politicize a I.C.C. are in fact perplexing to repudiate a Palestinians a really simple right to justice,” he said. “We are display a earnest to support a rough review that has already started.”

Fatou Bensouda, a arch prosecutor, pronounced by write that she had met with a Palestinian unfamiliar minister, Riad al-Malki, and other members of his organisation for tighten to 45 mins in her bureau as they delivered their information. She declined to weigh a Palestinian documents. “At this theatre it is simply information to support my work,” she said. “I betrothed to demeanour during it really carefully.”

Palestinian spokesmen have described a information presented as “general in nature” nonetheless put together by technical teams who were charged with parsing how any conditions disregarded general law.

Asked about a settlements, an emanate that has not nonetheless come before a probity in other cases, Ms. Bensouda said, “The settlements will really be partial of this hearing phase.”