Paper Gold Trading Market Continues To Depress Physical Gold Prices

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Paper Gold Trading Market Continues To Depress Physical Gold Prices

Paper Gold Trading Market Continues To Depress Physical Gold Prices

How do we subdue a earthy bullion prices?  It’s utterly easy… we chuck $10 trillion paper dollars during it.  Not usually did tellurian paper bullion trade volume strech a new record in 2016, it surpassed a prior year’s sum by scarcely 50%.

This is simply extraordinary when we demeanour around during a towering volume of stupidity holding place in a financial markets.  With a mercantile and financial markets sitting during a corner of a cliff, it would seem advantageous for investors to diminish their rarely precedence bets in a “Paper Gold Casino” and bend down by purchasing genuine earthy metal.

Unfortunately, a Mainstream media and a Financial networks have totally lobotomized investors by stealing a following wording from a tear-jerking piece between their ears….. Wisdom, Prudent, Long-term, Safe-haven and Gold-Silver.

With a appearance of twitter, knowledge currently comes down to reading no some-more than ONE SENTENCE.  Anything longer than that is a finish rubbish of time when it is improved spent sitting in front of 6 mechanism monitors trade digits.  Forget about investing one’s income to build adult a genuine company, when it is some-more sensitive to try and SCALP little increase by trade bonds all day fueled by a half dozen beast appetite drinks.

This is called progress…… a hulk jump brazen for humankind and technology.

Global Gold Exchange Notional Trading Amount Hit New $10 Trillion Record In 2016

According to GFMS newly expelled 2017 Gold Survey, sum tellurian sell notional trade volume reached $9.8 trillion in 2016.  This was adult 46% from $6.7 trillion in 2015.  These sum were formed on a sum volume of “volume in favoured tonne equivalent” traded on 9 exchanges.  For example, here are a tip 4 exchanges annual bullion traded quoted by GFMS:

  1.  COMEX = 179,047 tonnes
  2.  SHFE = 34,760 tonnes
  3.  SGE = 11,793 tonnes
  4.  TOCOM = 8,541 tonnes

The sum volume of paper bullion trade finished on a 9 exchanges in 2016 equaled 243,000 metric tons contra 180,000 metric tons a prior year.  we took these values and double them by a normal annual bullion cost to arrive during a sum below.  we also compared these sum to a sum volume of earthy bullion sell investment for any year (source GFMS 2017 Gold Survey):

As we can see, a tellurian exchanges traded a overwhelming $9.8 trillion value of paper bullion final year contra $42 billion in earthy bullion investment.  This turns out to be 233 times a volume of paper bullion traded for any unit of earthy bullion purchased. 

With this arrange of trade volume, a Monster Energy Drink Stock (ticker MNST) looks like an glorious investment opportunity.  And because shouldn’t it be?  The Monster Energy Drink batch cost has surged scarcely 10 times from $5 in 2009 to $46 currently.  While this might seem like a good batch to deposit in, we am watchful until they sell Monster Energy IV’s that we usually hang in your arm so we can continue trade but wasting rubbish time knocking down 5-6 particular cans.

We contingency remember… TIME IS MONEY.

So, a doubt is this…. what would occur to a earthy bullion marketplace if a tiny commission of a Monster Energy Drink traders purchased earthy bullion instead of a millions of contracts traded on a exchanges.  According to GFMS, sum bullion trade volume usually on a COMEX final year was a overwhelming 58 million contracts. 

Annual Global Gold Exchange Trading Volume Also Reached New Record Of 7.8 Billion Oz

Furthermore, if we demeanour during a sum volume of paper bullion traded on a 9 exchanges in 2016, it also reached a new record 7.8 billion oz:

Not usually was a 2016 sum 7.8 billion oz paper bullion trade volume 34% aloft than in 2015, it was 76 times aloft than a 103 million oz of universe bullion cave supply.  we motionless to supplement a paper bullion trade volume during a 1970’s when a bullion futures markets began.  During a initial year of bullion futures trade in 1975, a sum of 84 million oz (Moz) were traded.  However, by a finish of a decade and as a bullion cost shot adult towards $850, sum paper bullion trade surpassed one billion oz in 1979.

Again, what would have been a greeting to a earthy bullion marketplace if investors purchased some-more earthy bullion in 1979, than a one billion ounces of paper contracts??  Well, we will tell we what we consider from some knowledge from Jim Rickards.  we listened to Jim Rickards talk with Greg Hunter currently and he had some really engaging things to say.  One of Rickards engaging tidbits was that Americans possess about one unit of bullion any contra a standard bad Indian rancher who has acquired kilos of gold.

So….. when a FAN FINALLY HITS THE COW EXCREMENT, a resources of a universe will pierce from WEST to EAST as Americans are forced to guaranty off a residue of their bullion valuables for most indispensable MONSTER ENERGY DRINKS. –  SRSroccoreport


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