Para shooter Rajeev Malik’s rifles goes blank during transport before IPC Shooting World Cup

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New Delhi: Indian para shooter Rajeev Malik has suffered a reversal before a IPC Shooting World Cup during Fort Benning, USA as a marksmen mislaid both his rifles during his travel.

The 34-year-old disabled shooter finds himself in a mark of worry as a airlines in that he trafficked from Delhi to Atlanta has unnoticed his dual rifles, that were partial of his transport baggage.

According to information perceived here, Malik found out that his both rifles were blank after reaching a Atlanta airport.

Representational Image. GettyRepresentational Image. Getty

Representational Image. Getty

The airlines told him that as shortly as they locate his container they will have it delivered during his hotel. Since a airline could not locate any of his dual rifles, a shooter had to contest with a borrowed purloin that costed him a possibility to win an Paralympic quota.

“I asked a airlines to call me as shortly as my rifles were found though there was no call from them for a subsequent 3 days. Giving adult all hopes we finally borrowed a purloin from my teammate Naresh Sharma and played my match. Later during my lapse journey, a airlines told me that a container containing rifles is in Amsterdam. On reaching Amsterdam we was told that a container is in Delhi. On reaching Delhi, we was told that a airlines has no information about a baggage,” Malik was quoted as observant by a

“Loosing rifles during a airfield means it is a confidence issue. Both a rifles are firearms and if it goes in wrong hands it can turn really dangerous. It is really frustrating to see that a airlines is not holding a matter severely and has still not been means to locate a rifles even after so many days,” he added.

A military censure has also been lodged with a Delhi Police by Malik opposite a airlines in question.

One of a dual mislaid rifles go to Delhi formed shooter Prithipal Singh Bedi who had lend it to Malik for this competition.

It might be removed that in 2006 another airline had unnoticed Rajyavardhan Rathore’s shotgun as a marksman was on his approach behind after winning a bullion award during a ISSF World Cup in Cairo. Later after a really high turn of inquiry, Rathore got his gun back.