Parents Believe What The Dean Told This Student Is What Drove Him To Suicide

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Corey Walgren was a 16-year-old high propagandize tyro described by his family and friends as a happy chairman with no issues, though on Jan 11, he jumped to his genocide off of a parking garage.

Earlier that day, he’d been eating lunch with his friends during Naperville North High School in Naperville, Illinois. Now his relatives trust that had he not been called to a dean’s office and confronted by a military officer there, he’d still be alive today. That’s since as shortly as he walked into a office, Stephen Madden, a dean, and Brett Heun, a military officer, sensitive him that he was being investigated for possessing child pornography. Now his relatives contend they’re suing a propagandize and a Naperville Police Department for violating their son’s rights, secretly melancholy him, and causing him “conscious pain and suffering.”

Corey had reportedly filmed a consensual passionate confront with a 16-year-old lady he went to propagandize with. Afraid that he’d uncover a video to someone else, she went to Madden and told him about her worries.

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According to military reports, a recording was of bad peculiarity and dim adequate to be deliberate only an audio file. Under Illinois state law, child publishing requires a visible element, though Madden and Heun still told Corey he competence have to register as a sex offender.

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His mom, Maureen, was called to collect him adult after a meeting, though he managed to trip divided and get to a tip of a parking structure before she got to a school. His physique was found next a few hours later.

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