Parliament LIVE: Unrelenting Opposition final PM Modi’s participation in Rajya Sabha

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Nov 23, 2016

  • 14:32(IST)

    Rajya Sabha shelved compartment 11 am on Thursday

  • 14:30(IST)

    Opposition members assign Well of a Rajya Sabha

  • 14:26(IST)

    DMK also final participation of a primary apportion in a House

    “Even we pronounced that a primary apportion should be in a House,” Tiruchi Siva, DMK, pronounced in a Rajya Sabha. “Because a primary apportion finished a proclamation that put a republic in financial crisis, a dignified and authorised responsiblity lies with a primary apportion to be benefaction in a House.”

  • 14:24(IST)

  • 14:22(IST)

    “If someone says an Article in a Constitution has been violated, if we do not respond, who will respond?” pronounced an indignant PJ Kurien in a Rajya Sabha. “It is my duty!” he shouted.

  • 14:19(IST)

    Demonetisation proclamation was finished by primary minister, therefore he should come to Rajya Sabha: Congress

    “The supervision contingency listen carefully…We have started a contention in this House. It has to be taken to a judicious conclusion,” pronounced Congress’ Anand Sharma in a Rajya Sabha.

    “As per Constitution, a financial process is a domain of a RBI…After a primary minister’s proclamation on 8 November, people have been denied entrance to their possess money. So a Constitution has been violated,” pronounced Sharma.

    “Since this proclamation was finished by a primary minister, he should come to a House,” pronounced Anand Sharma.

  • 14:14(IST)

    ‘We wish discussion!’ slogans lifted in a Rajya Sabha

    And disharmony has returned to a Rajya Sabha as a Opposition members have resorted to cheering again.

  • 14:13(IST)

    Rajya Sabha Deputy Chairman clarifies that he can't call a primary apportion to a House

    “Why is a Chair disturbed about job a primary apportion to a Rajya Sabha?” pronounced Naresh Agrawal in a Rajya Sabha.

    “Powers are theme to rules,” replied Rajya Sabha Deputy Chairman PJ Kurien. “The gathering is that if a theme is discussed, a House has any right to direct a participation of a endangered minister. As distant as a Chair is concerned, demonetisation is associated to a Finance Ministry. If we ask me to call any other apportion or a Finance Minister, we can't do that,” he added.

  • 14:09(IST)

    Naresh Agrawal continues to incite a BJP MPs and ministers

    “We don’t come here for allowance. This is derogative and should be expunged,” Union apportion Prakash Javadekar pronounced in a Rajya Sabha.

    SP’s Naresh Agrawal had progressing again attempted to incite a BJP MPs by observant that all of them will stop protesting if their stipend was raised.

  • 14:05(IST)

    BJP outrages over Naresh Agrawal’s acknowledgement in Rajya Sabha

    “Naresh Agrawal has purported that these (BJP) members of a House are here on rent. we wish an reparation from Naresh Agrawal,” thundered an indignant Mukhtar Abbas Naqvi in a Rajya Sabha.

  • 14:03(IST)

    Now, BJP MPs start cheering in Rajya Sabha

    As SP’s Naresh Agrawal began vocalization in a House, BJP MPs and ministers began cheering in a Rajya Sabha.

  • 14:01(IST)

    Rajya Sabha record resume

  • 13:34(IST)

    Amarinder Singh resigns as MP

  • 13:32(IST)

    Opposition parties will launch ‘Aakrosh Diwas’ criticism on 28 Nov opposite demonetisation: ANI

  • 12:42(IST)

  • 12:41(IST)

    Opposition members force adjournment


    The theatre during Lok Sabha is substantially a misfortune that India has witnessed so far. Opposition members have been reduced to garland of screaming and utterance organisation who are lifting slogans and perplexing their best to interrupt business.

  • 12:35(IST)

    Watch: Lok Sabha proceedings

  • 12:33(IST)

    BJD, TRS exclude to behind down though Lok Sabha resilient today


    Opposition members are perplexing their best to interrupt a proceedings, though BJP MPs (MJ Akbar, Jitendra Singh) are holding their belligerent and not giving in to a awful sound that a protesting MPs are making. 


    The protesting MPs, for a past half an hour, have continously made sound and attempted to interrupt a Lok Sabha proceedings. Speaker Mahajan still holding plain ground. 

  • 12:27(IST)

  • 12:27(IST)

    Speaker refuses Opposition’s direct to adjourn Lower House


    Opposition leaders and protesting MPs combined an awful hubbub in Lok Sabha, while others attempted to continue proceedings. Speaker Sumitra Mahajan refused Opposition’s direct of adjournment. 

  • 12:21(IST)

  • 12:20(IST)

    Ruckus continues in Lok Sabha though Speaker refuses to adjourn


    Proceedings was continuously disrupted as Opposition leaders lifted shrill slogans opposite a BJP government. Senior BJP personality Venkaiah Naidu urges Speaker Sumitra Mahajan not to adjourn a Lower House. “The plead has begun, dame Speaker. Please let a plead happen. The universe is examination what Congress and a Oppostion is doing inside a House,” Naidu said.


    Surprisingly, amid shrill howls from Opposition leaders, a business in Lok Sabha continues.

  • 12:12(IST)

    Rajya Sabha shelved for a third time today


    Kurien adjourns Upper House compartment 2pm.

  • 12:07(IST)

    Modi was in Lok Sabha, given didn’t Congress let a House function: Venkaiah Naidu


    Maintaining their strain of not vouchsafing Parliament work for a sixth day (it still has a probability to spin around), Union Minister Venkaiah Naidu pronounced that a Opposition is disrupting Parliament though any reason.


    “There’s an strenuous support for demonetisation. But Opposition wants a opposite thing everyday. Today (Wednesday) primary apportion was in a House, though a Opposition did not let Lok Sabha function. It got adjourned,” Naidu said.

  • 12:02(IST)

    Opposition leaders hillside adult Modi’s deficiency in Parliament


    Addressing mediapersons CPM ubiquitous secretary Sitaram Yechury said that a Parliament disruptions are given of a primary apportion who is not prepared to plead demonetisation. 


    “Modi has spin PM given of this Constitution. As a parliamentarian, a primary minister’s initial shortcoming is towards a people.”

  • 11:32(IST)

    If PM has finished this good thing, given is he frightened to face Opposition: Mayawati


    Alleging that it sends a wrong summary if primary apportion keeps shying divided from a debate, BSP arch Mayawati on Wednesday that a plead is a contingency given differently a BJP supervision looks like it has finished something wrong. “Puri daal kali lag rahi hai.”


    “Main poochna chahti hoon primary apportion se ki agar unhone itna acha kaam kiya hai to vo ghabra kyu rahe hain? (I wish to ask PM Modi that if he has taken a preference that is so good given is he scared?) we titillate President to serve Modi and ask him to take measures to solve a problems faced by people post demonetisation move,” Mayawati told a media after Lok Sabha got a initial demurral of a day. 

  • 11:26(IST)

    Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha adjourned compartment 12 pm

  • 11:26(IST)

    Opposition leaders accommodate Lok Sabha orator Sumitra Mahajan amid criticism opposite demonetisation move

  • 11:25(IST)

    Ruckus in Rajya Sabha continues


    Adjournment watchful to occur and Kurien adjourns House compartment 12 pm.

  • 11:24(IST)

    Rajya Sabha demands Modi’s presence, Kurien loses cool


    Addressing a Upper House, Congress personality Anand Sharma and CPM General Secretary Sitaram Yechury raised a emanate of Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s absence. Deputy Chairman PJ Kurien stood adult and told a protesting leaders, “You start a debate. How do we know Modi won’t come?”


    Leaders lifted aphorism even as Sharma, Yechury and Kurien attempted to ease tattered nerves inside a Rajya Sabha. “Why is PM Modi vocalization outward Parliament when a plead is duty inside?” asked a TMC leader. 


  • 11:20(IST)

    Are we being authorised to speak? asks Rahul Gandhi


    Speaking to a media outward Parliament, Rahul alleged that a supervision and a primary apportion are not permitting a plead in a House. “We have filed an demurral fit in a House and we wish Modi to plead a emanate with us,” says Rahul Gandhi

  • 11:15(IST)

    Lok Sabha shelved compartment 12 pm


    Within 5 mins of starting proceedings, Lok Sabha was shelved compartment 12 pm on Wednesday.

  • 11:13(IST)

    Modi has a avocation towards a nation: Rahul Gandhi


    Congress VP Rahul Gandhi launched a full frontal conflict on PM Narendra Modi. Speaking to the mediapersons, Rahul said that Opposition parties direct that primary minister, who represents a nation, contingency come to Parliament and lay by an whole plead and listen to a Opposition. 


    “We feel there’s a fraud behind the demonetisation drive. We need a JPC on the issue — Opposition parties feel that BJP leaders were told about this beforehand.”

  • 10:03(IST)

    Leaders of Opposition parties theatre criticism opposite demonetisation

  • 15:07(IST)

  • 15:01(IST)

    Today if Parliament isn’t working, a Narendra Modi’s fault: Sitaram Yechury

  • 14:34(IST)

    Speaker Mahajan expresses bewail that MPs did not let Parliament function


    Speaking with mediapersons outward Parliament, Lok Sabha Speaker Sumitra Mahajan expressed bewail during a ‘childish’ poise of a MPs. “They should know better. It is an critical emanate and a plead is required. But we will not cranky my line and we will try and make a functioning smooth. But they have to know and act accordingly,” Mahajan says.

  • 14:12(IST)

    Rajya Sabha adjourned

  • 14:06(IST)

    Rajya Sabha resumes though conditions stays same


    Even as Rajya Sabha resumed record after a fourth demurral of a day, a Opposition members came together around a Well to direct PM Modi’s participation in a House. 


    “There are 28 some-more ministers who have to speak. This is misapplication to them, that’s all we have to say,” Kurien pronounced as MPs continued lifting slogans. “Rajya Sabha stands shelved compartment 11 am on Wednesday,” pronounced a harrassed Kurien. 

  • 13:56(IST)

    Standing acclaim for Modi during BJP Parliamentary Party Meet


    Rallying around Narendra Modi during a time when Opposition parties have assimilated to dilemma a supervision over a magnitude citing hardships being faced by a masses, celebration MPs upheld a unanimous fortitude ancillary demonetisation and gave him a station ovation. Hitting out during a antithesis parties, a fortitude asked them to confirm presumably they mount by a people of India and a supervision or hoarders of black money.


    While hailing PM’s “great crusade” opposite corruption, it indicted a antithesis of perplexing to incite conflict and disharmony and interrupt Parliament, Union Minister M Venkaiah Naidu told reporters. “We have come to energy not for us or those tighten to us though for a poor. For 70 years, a bad and a reduce and center classes suffered and have been exploited by black money, crime and terrorism. Our aim is a deep, prolonged and consistent onslaught opposite them.


    “This is not a finish though usually a commencement of a struggle,” a Prime Minister pronounced and cited measures like environment adult of a SIT on blackmoney and Income Disclosure Scheme, 2016. The fortitude pronounced a demonetisation pierce had people’s support, claiming it was “the many surpassing matter to have ever come from a country”. People are queueing adult for a improved India and all transformative decisions means some pain, Naidu added.

  • 13:43(IST)

    Prime apportion not entrance to Parliament given he is crying: Congress

    “Almost 70 people have died. He contingency be good for them. And we honour that,” Congress personality Kapil Sibal told Times Now, clearly holding a puncture during a primary apportion and implying that he could not come to a Parliament given he was crying.

    “Let’s keep Opposition and supervision out of this. Let’s consider of a people,” he serve said.

    On a other hand, Jitendra Singh pronounced that a Opposition was on a self-destruct course.

    “Government wants that there should be a prolonged and elaborate contention so that we can explain to this republic a outrageous advantages of this move,” Singh said. “Congress and other antithesis parties are on a self-destructing course.”

  • 13:30(IST)

    Great crusade, says BJP as Modi gets romantic during BJP parl meet


    Demonetisation is not a finish though a commencement of a “long, low and constant” conflict opposite black income and crime and will advantage a bad and a common man, Prime Minister Narendra Modi pronounced as a BJP parliamentary celebration upheld a unanimous fortitude endorsing his “great crusade”.


    Speaking during a initial assembly of a BJP Parliamentary Party in a Winter session, Modi pronounced a bad and a reduce and center classes have suffered a many due to black money, feign banking and crime and his supervision is operative to absolved a republic of these evils and make a economy stronger.

  • 13:26(IST)

    Congress reacts after Parliament adjournments

  • 13:25(IST)

  • 13:16(IST)

    Opposition running away from debate: Ravi Shankar Prasad


    Speaking to CNN-News18, Union Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad pounded a Opposition on their direct of seeking Prime Minister Modi to residence a House of Parliament and in spin asked, “Why is a Opposition regulating divided from debate?”


    “Today they wish PM Modi to address Parliament, tomorrow they will be direct a JPC on a demonetisation issue. Trust me, a antithesis is usually changeable a goalpost. Why are they regulating divided from a debate? Why do they usually wish primary apportion to speak, is a financial apportion not efficient adequate to respond to their questions,” asks Prasad. 

  • 13:11(IST)

    Jaitley meets ministers


    ANI reported that comparison ministers are assembly with Union Finance Minister Arun Jaitley against a backdrop of mixed adjournments in Parliament.

  • 13:03(IST)

    A harrowed Kurien begged members to ease down, afterwards shelved a Rajya Sabha for a 4th time


    No earlier were a listed papers laid on a list in Rajya Sabha, Sharad Yadav  of JD(U) pronounced a supervision should compensate a remuneration of Rs 10 lakh to family of a 70 persons who mislaid their lives due to hardships caused by withdrawal of 500 and 1,000 rupee notes. Naresh Agarwal (SP) and Mayawati (BSP) pronounced Modi should be called before starting contention on a demonetisation.

    “He should come and listen to a pain people have faced given of his decision,” Mayawati said. Leader of a Opposition Ghulam Nabi Azad pronounced a antithesis is prepared for contention on a emanate though Prime Minister should come to a Rajya Sabha first. As he spoke, members of a BJP altered into a aisles lifting slogans.

    At this point, TMC members carrying placards of “Financial Emergency” trooped into a Well, with Congress members following suit.

    As they shouted slogans from a Well, Kurien said, “You can't pronounce in a Well. Shouting in a Well is of no use. If we go behind to your seats, we will give we time (to speak).”


    He told Azad that he was prepared to accept his notice underneath sequence 267 seeking cessation of business. “Mr Azad, we am prepared to acknowledge your notice underneath 267 if usually there is sequence in a House.”


    As BJP members also combined a ruckus, an indignant Kurien snapped during them. “Why should book benches do this? Mr Minister, given should book benches to this,” he asked Minister of State for Parliamentary Affairs Mukhtar Abbas Naqvi.

  • 13:01(IST)

    Rare togetherness among Opposition though doesn’t bode good for parliamentary proceedings


    Rajya Sabha was no better. Opposition parties assimilated hands to case pre-noon and post-noon record in Rajya Sabha perfectionist Rs 10 lakh remuneration to a family of any of a 70 persons who mislaid their lives post demonetisation and a participation of Prime Minister Narendra Modi during a plead on a issue.


    The singular togetherness in Opposition parties brought Congress and TMC as good as SP and BSP together as their slogan-shouting members trooped into a Well of a House, even as book benches countered them perfectionist resumption of a plead on a issue. Deputy Chairman P J Kurien initial shelved a House compartment 11.30 am and afterwards compartment noon. The House met during 12 usually to be shelved compartment 2pm. 

  • 12:55(IST)

    How Opposition finished certain Lok Sabha didn’t avocation for fourth uninterrupted day


    Opposition disrupted a record of a Lok Sabha for a fourth uninterrupted day perfectionist contention on demonetisation on a sequence that entails voting forcing Speaker Sumitra Mahajan to adjourn a House for about 50 mins shortly after it assembled. As shortly as a House met, members of Congress, TMC, Left parties and AAP rushed to a Well of a House perfectionist discussions on a demonetisation of Rs 1,000 and Rs 500 underneath Rule 56, that entails.


    Samjawadi Party, NCP and RJD stood in a aisles in oneness with a other antithesis members. While AIADMK members were also on a aisles lifting a emanate of Tamil fishermen harmed allegedly in banishment by Sri Lankan Navy, Congress clamp boss Rahul Gandhi was seen bustling in his chair in an insinuate contention with AAP MP from Punjab Harinder Singh Khalsa.

    Ignoring a aphorism cheering antithesis members, Speaker authorised a Question Hour to continue amidst noise. When some antithesis members attempted to pierce a placard, disapproval a demonetisation move, infront of Minister of State for Home Kiren Rijiju, who was replying a doubt associated to his Ministry, a Speaker attempted to meddle and asked a MPs not to disquiet a Minister. “This is not good. Everyone will be shown on TV, though don’t disquiet a Minister. If we wish to plead something, lift it before a government. People are in pain, tell a government. But this is not a approach to prominence people’s grievances,” Mahajan pronounced seeking them to lapse to their seats.


    However, an harsh antithesis continued to lift slogans. The Speaker again appealed to a antithesis to attend in a plead observant that a intrusion of record would not solve a problem. “I am unequivocally pained. If we are people’s representatives, we should mount by them,” she said. As pandemonium continued, a Speaker shelved a House compartment noon after 20 mins of proceedings. 

    With inputs from PTI

  • 12:44(IST)

    Why isn’t PM Modi addressing Parliament over demonetisation – is BJP vulnerable?


    While both a Houses of Parliament faced mixed adjournments in a matter of an hour, a BJP supervision has still not finished any statements on presumably Prime Minister Modi will residence a Parliament over a demonetisation issue. 


    According to experts, a BJP supervision wants a conditions to be a tiny some-more ease before creation any executive statement. Speaking to CNN-News18, domestic observers pronounced that a BJP supervision wants to be doubly certain before a primary apportion creates an residence in presumably of a Houses of Parliament. “They don’t wish to demeanour vulnerable. Therefore, during a time when a Opposition is so agitated, a Centre competence not expand a emanate by Modi’s address. Situation opposite a republic is still not totally underneath control and a BJP supervision will make certain that compartment such a time that it is manageable, a BJP will make certain that Modi doesn’t residence a Parliament,” says comparison editor Bhupendra Chaubey of News18 said. 

  • 12:38(IST)

    Rajya Sabha shelved for a fourth time


    Members could not keep it together even as a Rajya Sabha resumed record during 12.32 pm. 


    After a ruckus got out of hand, a really ease Hamid Ansari stood adult and shelved a Upper House compartment 2 pm. 

  • 12:22(IST)

    Anand Sharma speaks to ANI:

  • 12:20(IST)

    Rahul Gandhi’s succinct reply

  • 12:19(IST)

    Lok Sabha shelved for a day


    As predicted, Lok Sabha has been shelved for a day. As Opposition leaders rallied opposite a BJP supervision and a preference to demonetise, Speaker Sumitra Mahajan adjourned a Lower House for a day. 


    Rajya Sabha will resume during 12.32 pm.

  • 12:16(IST)

  • 12:14(IST)

    Congress direct primary minister’s participation in Lok Sabha


    The Lok Sabha is streamer for another demurral as a Opposition escalated their conflict on a BJP supervision over a same emanate of demonetisation. By a demeanour of it, a Winter Session of Parliament compartment now has been a sum chasm with no constructive plead duty on a floor. 


    Speaker of Lok Sabha Sumitra Mahajan, utterly hassled by a approach a MPs were behaving, threatened to adjourn a House. “Kyun kar rahe ho?” asks Mahajan really kindly as Opposition MPs lifted slogans and asked for plead over demonetisation. The protesting MPs also demanded that Modi should come to a House and make a speech. 

  • 12:09(IST)

  • 12:08(IST)

    BJP recover asks parties to honour Modi


    Slogans were lifted in a Lok Sabha after Opposition lifted slogans and refused to let a House funtion. Rajya Sabha has been shelved thrice given 11 am today. 


    Leader of Opposition in Lok Sabha Mallikarjun Kharge led a MPs and protested opposite demonetisation drive. The Lower House also demanded that a primary apportion should residence a House and not pronounce outside.

  • 12:00(IST)

    Tell us your views on demonetisation: Modi


    Rajya Sabh and Lok Sabha will resume in a while. Meanwhile, seeking his countrymen to tell their views on demonetisation, Prime Minister Narendra Modi tweeted saying, “I wish your first-hand perspective on a preference taken per banking notes. Take partial in a consult on a NM App.”

  • 11:39(IST)

    Ruckus in Rajya Sabha 


    After Lok Sabha was shelved compartment 12 pm over contention on demonetisation, ruckus erupted in a Upper House. 


    The Opposition members lifted slogans, even as emissary authority PJ Kurien threatened to adjourn a House. And… he did. The Rajya Sabha is shelved compartment 12 pm. 

  • 11:34(IST)

    Opposition to reason sit-in outward Parliament tomorrow


    Even as a BJP leaders and ministers hailed a pierce to demonetise Rs 500 and Rs 1,000 banking records in sequence to “put an finish to crime and black income dissemination in India,” a Opposition refused to behind down. 


    The categorical Opposition parties motionless to serve expand conflict on a Modi supervision over demonetisation. PTI reports that Opposition is formulation to reason a sit-in outward Parliament on Wednesday. 


    This BJP Parliamentary Party accommodate was a party’s initial in Winter Session. “Demonetisation is not a finish though commencement of a low and continual onslaught opposite blackmoney and corruption,” PM Modi says during BJP Parliamentary Party meeting. 


  • 11:29(IST)

    Great crusade: Naidu


    BJP Parliamentary Party passes unanimous fortitude congratulating Prime Minister Narendra Modi for his “great crusade” opposite blackmoney and corruption,says Venkaiah Naidu.

  • 11:25(IST)

  • 11:25(IST)

    Lok Sabha shelved compartment 12 pm


    Soon after Jaitley’s residence to a MPs, Lok Sabha has been shelved compartment 12 pm following protests over demonetisation.

  • 11:20(IST)

  • 11:19(IST)

    ‘Demonetisation is a ancestral step’


    “Many people have discussed this, though underneath a care of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, we have been means to take this ancestral step. Twenty years from now, people will accost this preference as a good one,” Jaitley told a MPs. 

  • 11:15(IST)

  • 11:13(IST)

    Jaitley lists out advantages of demonetisation


    Slamming a Opposition for being a jump in a approach of development, Jaitley, while addressing a MPs after a BJP Parliamentary celebration meet, pronounced that now “white” sell will be a new norm. 


    “By interlude a ‘normal’ of final 70 years, Prime Minister Narendra Modi has combined a new normal,” says Jaitley. “Some people were observant even financial apportion did not know of this decision, and afterwards they contend a celebration knew beforehand. How is that possible?” Jaitley asked amid Opposition’s heightened conflict on a BJP-led Centre government.

  • 11:09(IST)

    By interlude a ‘normal’ of final 70 years, PM Modi has combined a new ‘normal’: Jaitley


    “The step taken by a primary apportion will assistance in eradicating misery and a preference to demonetise is in a advantage of a nation,” says Jaitley.

  • 11:06(IST)

    Jaitley addresses Members of Parliaments over demonetisation


    Addressing MPs after a BJP parliamentary accommodate on Tuesday, Union Finance Minister Arun Jaitley pronounced that it takes a lot of courage for a supervision to take a step as confidant as demonetisation. 


    Union Minister for Parliamentary Affairs Venkaiah Naidu also addressed a MPs.


  • 11:02(IST)

  • 15:09(IST)

    Rajya Sabha shelved for a day

    As antithesis continued with their anti-Modi chants, Deputy Chairman, Rajya Sabha, PJ Kurien shelved a Rajya Sabha for a day.

  • 15:06(IST)

    Rajya Sabha resumes, though with antithesis formulating ruckus

    Rajya Sabha event resumed few mins ago with some members chanting: Narendra Modi chor hai (Narendra Modi is a thief)

  • 14:18(IST)

    Lok Sabha shelved for a day

  • 14:11(IST)

    Rajya Sabha shelved compartment 3 pm

  • 14:05(IST)

    Congress in Rajya Sabha final matter from Railway Minister on Indore-Patna Express tragedy

    “The Railway Minister finished a matter in a other House. But this House is not being given due respect,” pronounced Congress personality in a Rajya Sabha.

  • 12:37(IST)

    Rajya Sabha shelved compartment 2 pm

  • 12:37(IST)

    Uproar erupts in Rajya Sabha nonetheless again

    Opposition members are perfectionist a participation of a primary apportion in a House. “The republic is with a primary minister. The republic is opposite black money,” pronounced Mukhtar Abbas Naqvi, adding that a Opposition was looking bad in front of a people.

  • 12:34(IST)

  • 12:33(IST)

    Narendra Modi usually thinks about 3000 to 5000 people: Rahul Gandhi

    “People have told me that they are pang a lot,” pronounced Congress vice-president Rahul Gandhi outward a Parliament on a emanate of demonetisation.

    “People are angry of deals during a behind of prolonged lines to banks. So people are pang outrageous losses,” he said. “Only 15 or 20 friends of a primary apportion will advantage from this move,” he added.

    “We are prepared for a discussion. These days, given does a primary apportion need to come to a Parliament? He is on a opposite level. He does not need to correlate with his ministers,” pronounced Rahul sarcastically.

    “This is one of a biggest mercantile decisions in India. But a primary apportion had not suspicion about a impact,” he said. “This is some other form of a primary minister,” he added.

    “There is a need to repair a railway infrastructure. Modiji talked about a bullet train. But there is no focus. How will a aam aadmi advantage and get safety?” pronounced Rahul on a Patna-Indore Express tragedy.

    “Narendra Modi usually thinks about 3000 to 5000 people,” pronounced a Congress vice-president.

  • 12:17(IST)

    Forensic enquiry has been ordered: Suresh Prabhu



  • 12:13(IST)

    Forensic enquiry has been ordered: Suresh Prabhu



  • 12:11(IST)

    Lok Sabha adjourned


    LS shelved compartment 2 pm.

  • 12:09(IST)

    ‘Guilty will be punished’


    All assistance being extended to those influenced a in Kanpur sight accident. A minute examine has also been ordered, pronounced a Railway Minister and a guilty will be punished, he pronounced amidst conflict in a Lok Sabha.

  • 12:06(IST)

    Rajya Sabha adjourned


    RS shelved compartment 12.34 pm.

  • 12:05(IST)

    Suresh Prabhu creates statement


    There shall be a apart extensive review on a Kanpur sight tragedy, says Suresh Prabhu. “Please join me in fluctuating satisfaction to a bereaved families,” he says.

  • 11:54(IST)

    PM needs to give an answer: Mayawati

  • 11:53(IST)

    Lok Sabha reduced to a din


    Even as BJP MPs try their best to answer questions, a Opposition shouts slogans. Sumitra Mahajan adjourns a House compartment 12 pm observant “soch le, das minute socho [think about this for 10 minutes]”

  • 11:46(IST)

    ‘Debate, don’t disrupt’


    Finance Minister Arun Jaitely tells Opposition to “debate and not disrupt” a proceedings. 

  • 11:41(IST)

    ‘Why is PM not confronting Parliament?’


    Mayawati talks to a media after Rajya Sabha was shelved seeking “why won’t a PM residence a Parliament? He’s not dauntless enough; he’s escaped us”

  • 11:36(IST)

    ‘We wish discussion’


    “We wish discussion,” Opposition members scream during a good of a Rajya Sabha. Kurien adjourns a RS compartment 12 pm.

  • 11:35(IST)

    Oppn creates ruckus on upraise resolution


    Why can’t we pierce a necrology reference, asks Yechury, on those failing in queues watchful fro ATMs and banks. “You can't do it suo moto; we have to be scold with a number,” Kurien replies.


    “Sir we can’t be so insensitive,” shouts Yechury. 


    “Take a clarity of a House,” scream members.


    Mukhtar Abbas Naqvi promises that a supervision will yield a response.

  • 11:32(IST)

    ‘Time for Zero Hour’


    PJ Kurien brings into fit a record asking, “You don’t wish a Zero Hour to begin? What is your idea to this problem?”

  • 11:30(IST)

    NCP’s Conrad Sangma talks on clergyman salaries


    Is a supervision planing to have a smallest income structure for teachers, Sangma asks.


    Javadekar replies, “All over a country, it’s formed on a 6th Pay Commission’s recommendation, though we are giving grants as per a commission. The emanate of income for proxy teachers — every state has a right to give a elite package.”

  • 11:23(IST)

    Prakash Javadekar speaks on education


    Education is a encampment service; it needs encampment support. we titillate encampment Panchayats to come brazen and assistance with infrastructure and spirit boosting, pronounced HRD Minister Prakash Javadekar. 


    No tangible default of teachers though deployment in farming areas is not done. People try to sojourn in cities. How anyone portion in metro will come to farming and semi-rural areas, he asked.

  • 11:20(IST)

  • 11:15(IST)

    Rajya Sabha adjourned


    RS is shelved adult to 11.30 pm.

  • 11:14(IST)

    High play in Parliament


    Both Rajya Sabha and Lok Sabha declare cheering and ruckus on a demonetisation issue.


    Mallikarjun Kharge is seen vehemently cheering that a “Prime Minister is regulating divided from a issue”, while Opposition members have stormed a good of a Rajya Sabha asking “Modiji” to yield an answer. 

  • 11:10(IST)

    Rahul Gandhi visits Delhi ATM, speaks to people


    Congress Vice-President Rahul Gandhi on Monday visited an ATM in Delhi and interacted with a people station in a queue, a Indian National Congress (INC) tweeted.

    With inputs from IANS



  • 11:08(IST)

    Mayawati attacks demonetisation


    “What about marriages that have been strike by this move,” Mayawati asks a loud Rajya Sabha. 

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The Winter Session of Parliament non-stop on Wednesday with a assimilated Opposition ascent an conflict on a supervision over demonetisation, observant it had led to “economic anarchy” in a country. The antithesis parties also demanded a examine by a Joint Parliamentary Committee (JPC) on a purported resourceful trickle of information before a executive announcement.

While Lok Sabha was shelved for a day after profitable tributes to 9 leaders, including sitting TMC MP Renuka Sinha, a seven-hour-long plead in Rajya Sabha, however, remained inconclusive. The plead in Rajya Sabha continued compartment 6 pm on Wednesday before Deputy Chairman of a House PJ Kurien shelved it compartment 11 am tomorrow. Kurien pronounced that a contention on demonetisation will be resumed on Thursday during 2 pm. “From 11am to 12 pm will be a Zero Hour and Question Hour will be from 12-1 pm,” pronounced Kurien. There were steady final by a antithesis members that a Prime Minister should be benefaction in a House to listen to a members.

Leader of Opposition in Rajya Sabha Ghulam Nabi Azad pronounced Modi, who did not come to a Rajya Sabha on Wednesday, should during slightest be benefaction tomorrow and presumably intervene. The supervision deserted as groundless a antithesis assign that there was “leakage” of a 8 Nov preference and pronounced everybody was taken by warn that is given there are “initial” problems.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi in Lok Sabha on Wednesday. PTI

Prime Minister Narendra Modi in Lok Sabha on Wednesday. PTI

Joining ranks over a dreaming issue, parties like Congress, JD(U), RJD, SP, BSP, Trinamool Congress, Left and AIADMK slammed a government, quite targeting PM Modi, for creation Rs 500 and Rs 1,000 description records shabby and pronounced a “ill-timed” and “ill-conceived” step had exceedingly strike a common people, a farmers and a poor.

During a contention on demonetisation, that was taken adult after cessation of all business in response to notices given by a horde of antithesis members, a sardonic conflict was finished on a supervision that strongly shielded a step as one taken in inhabitant seductiveness and to finish crime and black money, that it related to apprehension activities in a country.

Here’s a discerning summation of what happened today

Anand Sharma uses wit and humour to conflict Modi

Deputy Leader of Opposition in a Rajya Sabha Anand Sharma on Wednesday demanded a examine into “selective leakage” of a demonetisation move, that he termed a “Nadirshahi farman” (autocratic order). Initiating a plead after listed business was dangling to take adult a contention on a 8 Nov preference to repel aged aloft description currency, Sharma used wit and humour to conflict Modi for being unresponsive to problems caused to a common man.

He asked Modi to state where he got Rs 23,000-24,000 crore, estimated by a International Money Watch Group, for his Lok Sabha elections. He also asked if coupon or credit label payments were finished to organize his convene during Ghazipur in Uttar Pradesh a few days ago. Alleging that a information on demonetisation was selectively leaked, he said, “Your BJP units have deposited crores (just before a 8 Nov decision).”

Sharma also sought to know from a Prime Minister as to “who wants to kill him”, referring to a Prime Minister’s discuss in Goa where he had pronounced that with demonetisation ensuing in “Looting of their 70 year hurtful earnings, they will destroy me, they can kill me”. “There should have been an bidding for demonetization. But no bidding was brought. This is a Nadirshahi farman (autocratic order),” Sharma said.

“The preference to demonetise high banking records was leaked to a name few. Secrecy was not confirmed on this issue. It was published in a Gujarati journal prolonged behind and even other newspapers wrote about it,” pronounced Sharma. “There should be a examine into a resourceful steam of information,” he said, asking: “What did a supervision do to ready for effective doing of a policy.”

He also sought to know from a supervision that law gave it a right to levy boundary on withdrawing income from peoples’ possess accounts. “I reject Prime Minister’s matter in Goa for derisive a people who are station in queues. He contingency apologise. Please explain who wants to kill you,” pronounced Sharma posing a doubt to Modi. Congress will not endure anyone formulation to mistreat a Prime Minister of a country, he said. “An atmosphere has been combined by a supervision where doubt them has spin a parameter to confirm one’s nationalism,” pronounced Sharma.

He sought to know from a Prime Minister as to from where a “15 thousand crore rupees spent on your mega choosing discuss come from”. “Did we compensate for your new Ghazipur convene by credit card,” Sharma pronounced derisive a supervision for seeking people to use cosmetic income for day-to-day expenses.

Sharma also demanded that Modi contingency divulge a list of those names, who are holding black income in Swiss banks. “Government has a list of those holding black income in Swiss banks. We direct that a Prime Minister contingency tell who all are there in a list,” pronounced Sharma. He pronounced a supervision should divulge how many income left India between Mar and Sep this year and how many people invested in bullion, bought bullion or forex during this period.

Senior Congress personality Anand Sharma in Rajya Sabha on Wednesday. PTI

Senior Congress personality Anand Sharma in Rajya Sabha on Wednesday. PTI

Sharma took a puncture during a supervision for regulating a tenure “surgical strike” in a context of demonetization and a random consequences of a move, saying, “Bina doctori padhe sab surgeon anathema gaye (You became a surgeon though training or education).”

Quoting media reports, Sharma pronounced State Bank of India — a country’s largest lender — knew of a preference approach behind in Mar and a Gujarati journal had in Apr published a news of a pierce to repel Rs 500 and Rs 1,000 notes. He demanded a examine into “how many people bought some-more than Rs 1 crore of unfamiliar banking and bullion” given April. “This is a critical issue… we never kept privacy (about a decision),” Sharma said. The “ill-timed” and “ill-conceived” pierce had unleashed “economic anarchy” in a republic and benefited a few, he said, adding that to quarrel black income combined by aloft description currency, a bigger Rs 2,000 note has been brought that is identical to a paper on that ‘churan’ is sole and “shed colour” was brought.

“Your supervision is insensitive,” he pronounced adding Modi was roving a bullet sight in Japan when old, women and common male were queueing adult during banks during 3 am in a morning to get banking to buy their daily needs. Sharma pronounced Modi had in his Goa discuss had settled that those station in line during banks were those concerned in 2G spectrum and spark fraud as good as holding black money. “I reject a Prime Minister for job a bad station in a reserve for his Rs 4,000-4,500, black income holders and scamster,” he said.

Taking a puncture during a Modi, he pronounced someone who “changes garments 5 times a day”, has spin Prime Minister and travels around a creation was “calling himself a sanyasi and tapasvi“.

Sharma demanded that a names of persons holding accounts in Swiss bank and those suggested in a Leichtenstein and HSBC lists should be finished public. The names of bank loan defaulters above Rs 5,000 crore should also be finished public. While a preference had put a common male to measureless hardship by approach of carrying to mount in prolonged queues to lay hands on current banking to accommodate daily needs, a information about demonetisation was selectively leaked to a “friends of BJP,” Sharma alleged. The pierce had branded 86 percent of a banking in dissemination black income and “everyone a criminal,” he pronounced adding when Modi announced a devise it was approaching that adequate arrangements would be finished for dispensing new notes.

“The advanced primary apportion authorised Rs 4,000 of aged banking to be changed… what right does a Constitution give a supervision to place restrictions on withdrawal of ones hard-earned money,” he asked, adding one has to “beg to be authorised to repel his possess money.” He pronounced former RBI Governor IG Patel had combined about a government’s preference to demonetise banking in 1978 and it would be absurd to consider that all ill-gotten income is kept in income and not invested in genuine estate, billion, equities or unfamiliar exchange.

Moving towards cashless economy was excellent though even a many grown economies of US or Europe have not achieved that design yet. If they had, a US executive bank would have stopped copy dollars, European Central Bank won’t be copy Euros and UK executive banks would have stopped copy bruise sterling, he said.

Stating that a supervision had in one cadence announced everybody a criminal, he pronounced a supervision and a financial apportion have settled that terrorists would have benefited if lay information on a preference was given. “Which militant goes to RBI with pouch full of tawdry banking to change.”

After withdrawing Rs 500 and Rs 1,000 banking notes, restrictions were placed even on unfamiliar tourists who could not get their banking changed.

The Congress personality pronounced Finance Minister Arun Jaitley had sensitive Parliament in Aug that feign banking was 0.02 percent of a sum banking in circulation. “If 0.02 percent by supervision acknowledgment is tawdry currency, how can that be finished a bottom to mislay 86 percent of banking in circulation,” he said.

An undeclared puncture has put common people in grave inconvenience, he pronounced while crime money, ill-gotten resources and that accrued by crime or taxation semblance is blackmoney, Prime Minister should answer if he deliberate income in a market, or in households, or with farmers, workers and employees was also blackmoney.

“This doubt arises given a summary has left that Indian economy was run on blackmoney… we confirm though don’t code a whole country,” he said, adding presumably a income a farmers gets for his mount or a one he uses to buy seeds or manure was blackmoney. He pronounced a pierce had rendered millions of cultivation workers and labourers unemployed.

Mayawati calls demonetisation ill-timed

As a plead was in progress, BSP arch Mayawati demanded a participation of a Prime Minister in a House to hear out a Opposition parties and residence their concerns.

BSP arch and former UP Chief Minister Mayawati in Rajya Sabha on Wednesday. PTI

BSP arch and former UP Chief Minister Mayawati in Rajya Sabha on Wednesday. PTI

Mayawati questioned a government’s preparedness for a demonetisation of high-value bank notes, accusing it of spending a final 10 months on settling a black income of a people. Participating in a plead in Rajya Sabha on a demonetisation of high-denomination banking notes, she said: “The supervision has pronounced that they spent 10 months scheming for this decision. Ten months was a prolonged time to prepare. If they were critical about it, they would have prepared good for all a problems that people are confronting today.”

“What we are witnessing in India currently would not have happened had they prepared,” she added. Accusing a supervision of ancillary those tighten to it in settling their ill-gotten wealth, Mayawati said: “In a final 10 months, a BJP supervision has worked to assistance a celebration supporters and large businessmen to settle their black money.

“If a supervision had spent 10 months scheming for it, afterwards given do they need another 50 days? There is something fishy.”

“Masses are in pain. The Prime Minister contingency be sleeping after holding pills. The pierce is though preparedness and people will retaliate BJP in 2019 during ubiquitous elections. People of 5 states going for elections including Manipur, Uttar Pradesh and Punjab will retaliate BJP,” she said, adding that a bad and a center classes were a misfortune sufferers. “It is an juvenile preference taken in promptness and a whole republic feels that is an ‘economic emergency’,” she pronounced adding that it was like a “Bharatbandi situation.”

Opposition final Modi’s participation in Rajya Sabha

Mayawati pronounced a House should ask a Prime Minister to be benefaction and answer a members’ concerns. It is “a really critical issue”, she said, adding she has been watching Leader of a House and Finance Minister Arun Jaitley, appears “sad”.

Her direct was upheld by Leader of Opposition Ghulam Nabi Azad, who pronounced a PM contingency be benefaction in a House to hear out a concerns of several parties.

Earlier, Kurien pronounced he had perceived as many as 13 notices underneath sequence 267 for cessation of business to take adult contention on inconvience and hardships caused by demonetisation of currency. He pronounced there was a ubiquitous accord for contention and a supervision too was agreeable, so a list of business as told stands totally suspended.

Azad demanded that a primary apportion should during slightest “hear out a feelings of six-seven categorical parties, differently there is a mismatch. The feelings of antithesis members should be listened by PM. we direct that during slightest he hears them out and lay in a House during slightest today. We can wait for him to come.”

Leader of Opposition in Rajya Sabha Ghulam Nabi Azad on Wednesday. PTI

Leader of Opposition in Rajya Sabha Ghulam Nabi Azad on Wednesday. PTI

This was objected to by DP Tripathi (NCP), who pronounced that as Leader of a Opposition he should not heed between a large and tiny parties. Ram Gopal Yadav (who was diminished from Samajwadi Party) assimilated Anand Sharma to lay that information on demonetisation was “leaked” and termed it as a fraud while perfectionist a consummate examine into it.

“A BJP personality in Punjab had tweeted on 5 Nov about a new Rs 2,000 note. How did this happen? This is an emanate of concern. There is a fraud in this. This should really be probed,” he said, alleging serve that 10 percent of a people have 90 per cent of resources of a republic and a remaining 90 per cent do not have anything.

The common people, generally a bad and a housewives were put to good hardship by this pierce and if elections are reason currently they will learn this supervision a lesson, he said, adding that infancy of women who saved income by domicile assets were dissapoint with a move.

“Elections are not fought with income power. You can't win elections by income power. No one can win elections like that. Elections are won usually by winning a hearts of people,” he said.

Demonetisation of high description banking has combined large problems to common people and and law and sequence conditions is being combined with military being deployed outward banks to control a queue.

“Do not reason elections now. If we accommodate and ask for votes from housewives in villages, they will kick we adult with ‘belan’ and we will have to embalm your behind with turmeric,” he said, adding that we competence remove elections if we reason early polls. Yadav pronounced a whole House was opposite hurtful and drug money, though lamented that an sense is being combined that those hostile this are opposite curbing black income that is erroneous.

JD(U) personality Sharad Yadav, who also sought a JPC examine into a suspected leak, pronounced a remarkable pierce was same to “jumping out of a relocating train”. He pronounced distinct a rich, who a PM pronounced were station in queue, it was a poor, disabled and aged people who were doing so to get their hands on their tough warranted money. He purported that while loans value Rs 7,000 crore was combined off currently by banks including Rs 1,200 crore of Vijay Mallya and pronounced that a primary apportion has finished a probity of a republic to mount in queues.

Yadav also took a puncture during Jaitley observant he was certain that a Finance Minister was not partial of a preference creation on demonetisation, given had he been, Jaitley would have sloping him off. This acknowledgement left many members including Jaitley laughing.

CPM ubiquitous secretary Sitaram Yechury in Rajya Sabha on Wednesday. PTI

CPM ubiquitous secretary Sitaram Yechury in Rajya Sabha on Wednesday. PTI

Yechury renames PM as “Modi Antoinette”

CPM personality Sitaram Yechury pronounced that of a 130 crore race in a country, usually 2.6 crore have credit cards.

He took a puncture during Modi and narrated a barbarous quote of Queen Marie Antoinette during a French series who had pronounced that people can eat cakes when they don’t have bread. “We have Modi Antoinette who says ‘If we don’t have paper, use plastic'”.

Yechury compared a Prime Minister with a Roman ruler. He pronounced a Senator had remarked about this ruler that: “I consider he knows what Rome is. Rome is a mob. Conjure sorcery for them and they’ll be distracted. Take divided their leisure and still they’ll roar. The violence heart of Rome is not a marble of a senate, it’s a silt of a Coliseum. He’ll pierce them genocide – and they will adore him for it.”

Alleging that a BJP section in Kolkata deposited Rs 1 crore in Indian’s Bank Account on 8 November, he pronounced “prove me if we am wrong.” He combined that Prime Minister was promotion for Paytm while articulate about cashless economy.

The CPM personality pronounced 1/5th of a economy is black economy and people who kept black income invested it in genuine estate, bullion etc. That is given a imports surged and settled that it was this PM usually who had settled that 95 percent of a black income is stashed offshore and is in protected havens.

“PM is cleaning a pool to kill crocodiles though large crocodiles have survived and usually tiny fishes are dying.”

He also demanded that corporate appropriation of all domestic parties should stop and there should be a stystem of state appropriation for elections to that Kurien pronounced “why don’t we pierce a private members check in this regard.”

Terming a demonetisation pierce as “Tughlaq shahi“, he pronounced a length of queues before banks and ATMs was ever augmenting and asked given a supervision was agonising a people. He sought an review into a move, observant “let there be a corner parliamentary committee” for a correct probe. “We need to know a ground behind a move” as before any parliamentary event there is some gimmick that diverts courtesy from other vital issues.

With inputs from agencies

First Published On : Nov 23, 2016 14:19 IST