Parmeshwar Godrej: A lady of many talents, an icon, an inspiration

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Parmeshwar Godrej, mother of Godrej Group CEO Adi Godrej, upheld divided on Monday night during Breach Candy sanatorium after lung-related illness. She was 70. The cremation took place a same night.

A target of many awards for her superb work in a margin of health and illness, Godrej was listed in India Today’s 10 Most Powerful People for 10 years in a row. She was a lady of many talents – interior decorator, beginning champion of AIDS and HIV recognition in India. She was consulted by Harvard School of Public Health for a work on hospitality projects.

Parmeshwar Godrej_380Parmeshwar Godrej_380

Parmeshwar Godrej

Since 2004, Godrej has been operative by a Heroes Project, an AIDS/HIV recognition initiative. Her work has got support from Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, a world’s largest charity. She roped in good famous personalities like Hollywood actor Richard Gere, Pakistani politician and former cricketer Imran Khan and many Bollywood film personalities to prominence a cause.

Godrej is also on Gere’s substructure to fight AIDS. She had also been ancillary a travel child named Sanjay with her father for many years.

Milind Deora, former Union Minister in a UPA and MP, recalls Godrej’s passion about HIV/AIDS. “Parmeshwar Aunty was really ardent about any means she took adult and her one peculiarity that we remember is that she never left anything undone, once she done adult her mind. we remember we met her during a cooking after apropos an MP. She sat me down and took me by a many hurdles that India will face if we omit HIV/AIDS,” says Deora. Godrej was instrumental in removing him to work closely with National AIDS Control Organisation (NACO).

In her book, She Walks, She Leads: Women Who Inspire India, author Gunjan Jain describes how Godrej was means to get Nobel laureate Amartya Sen to ‘drop everything’ he was doing to write an introduction for a AIDS Sutra, a collection of papers by obvious names on a disease. Godrej is among a initial atmosphere hostesses of Air India.

The Deoras (late Murli Deora — a comparison Congress personality and tighten Gandhi family confidante) and a Godrejs were family friends. Milind and a Adi and Parmeshwar Godrej’s children went to a same school. “I remember when we was study in Boston, Parmeshwar Aunty would come to revisit her son – who complicated nearby Boston, and her nephew. She would take all of us out for cooking and safeguard we had good food and wore comfortable clothes. She was really caring,” says Milind Deora.

Though Deora could not accommodate adult with Parmeshwar often, he says, whenever he did, it was easy to locate up. “She was my father’s crony though she was my crony too. We could speak on any topic. The usually thing was we called her Aunty. Except for that, she was a crony who could cut opposite age groups and generations,” says Deora. However, she was blunt about her likes and dislikes, he says. “Everyone knew where they stood with Parmeshwar Aunty. She was not a kind who would fire a breeze. Her parties were all about removing people from opposite a spectrum — politicians, celebrities, Hollywood and Hindi film courtesy people, reporters — to bond to a means that she believed in. When a celebration was over, or after carrying met with her and discussed something, she would follow adult a subsequent day with mails and messages,” he says.

Though a universe during vast might report her as a `socialite’, she was distant private from that description, says Deora. He recalls how she common her `nervousness’ before a radio interview. “She pronounced to me, ‘I don’t like to speak about myself’, and wished that her causes would get a courtesy it deserves,” he says.

“I will remember her for her candour, energy, affability and courage. She gimlet her ailment strongly,” he says.

Godrej is survived by her father Adi, and 3 children Tanya Dubash, Pirojsha, and 4 grandchildren — Aryan and Azaar Dubash, sons of elder daughter Tanya; Sasha, daughter of son Pirojsha and youngest grandson, son of Nisa.

Not surprisingly, Twitter is profitable tributes to a clever lady that Godrej was.

Imran Khan from Pakistan was one of a beginning to twitter out his condolences: