Parsis miffed as Snoop Dogg’s new video facilities a Zoroastrian dedicated symbol

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Snoop Dogg is no foreigner to controversies, what with his sexist lyrics and homophobic remarks offending many. However, this time around a American hip-hop artist has warranted a rage of a Zoroastrian community.

Sound surprised?

Screengrab from video.Screengrab from video.

Snoop Dogg seated underneath a Faravahar. Screengrab from video.

As it turns out, a new video featuring a artist has been doing a rounds, that not usually facilities stripper poles and inadequately clad women smoking hookah though also stars Snoop Dogg sitting on a bench underneath a ‘Faravahar’. 

The Faravahar, that is improved famous in Persian as ‘fravahr’ is a Zoroastrian dedicated pitch depicting a defender angel.

The strain in doubt is called ‘King’ and is sung by an Iranian cocktail thespian called Amitis.  Snoop Dogg usually creates a brief cameo in a video.

The use of a pitch and other Persian motifs via a video has not left down good with Parsis worldwide who have started a petition seeking for a video to be taken down and for a singers to proposal an apology.

The petition combined by Parsi Khabar, is called ‘Respect a sentiments of Zoroastrians’ and states that as Parsis and Zoroastrians all over a universe ceremony a Fravahr as a eremite symbol, a use of it in a song video is ‘insensitive towards a eremite beliefs of one of a oldest monotheistic religions in a world.’ It also includes screenshots of a tools of a video that have hurt a community.

Elaborating on a means of outrage, Sheriar Irani, one of a Parsis in foster of a petition tells Firstpost, “I don’t consider visible illustration of any sacrament should stagger around inadequately clad women. The video is descent some-more so, since a lyrics have zero to do with Persian enlightenment and as a credentials setup is as careless too, it ends adult looking like a hoax of a culture.”

Echoing his views, Xerxes D, an Irani Zoroastrian explains, “A lot of Parsis we know are seething over a video as it does not incorporate anything Persian and instead, only takes a extraneous track for a consequence of it, that we all consider could have been avoided.”

The petition has turn an present strike with a Zoroastrian community, with over 200 supporters in a camber of dual days.

Watch a video here: