Patidar share agitation: Hardik Patel stays daring as Gujarat govt denies curtsy to ‘reverse Dandi march’

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Ahmedabad: Gujarat supervision on Saturday denied accede to Hardik Patel’s “reverse Dandi march” over a Patel share issue, reduction than a fortnight after assault erupted during his stir claiming 10 lives, though a daring personality vowed to lift out a criticism programme on Sunday.

Navsari District Collector on Saturday refused to extend accede to Hardik Patel-led Patidar Anamat Andolan Samiti (PAAS) to take out a impetus from Dandi to Ahmedabad to press for their direct for inclusion of a Patel encampment in OBC difficulty for reservation.

Hardik Patel. AFP image.Hardik Patel. AFP image.

Hardik Patel. AFP image.

“We have deserted a petition seeking accede to take out a Dandi yatra,” Navsari district Collector Remya Mohan Muthadath told PTI. She pronounced correct confidence arrangements have been done to understanding with any conditions if members of a Patel encampment take out a impetus tomorrow.

“Proper confidence arrangements have been done and we have also deployed paramilitary forces,” Muthadath said. However, Hardik Patel pronounced they will embark a impetus from Dandi encampment of Navsari district to Ahmedabad during 6 AM tomorrow.

“Along with 78 members, we will start a impetus from Dandi tomorrow. Around 5 lakh people will join us when a impetus reaches Surat,” he said. He claimed that around 15 lakh people from a Patel encampment will join a retreat impetus when it will strech Ahmedabad.

Hardik pronounced Patel leaders in villages en track to this impetus are given a charge of strengthening a organization over a issue. “Entire India will have a tighten watch over a retreat Dandi march,” he said.

The 22-year-old Hardik has been hogging a inhabitant limelight after his assertive debate during Aug 25 mega-rally of Patels during GMDC belligerent here. His apprehension had set off large violence, claiming 10 lives and deception of curfew in many tools of a state.

The Dandi Mar led by Mahatma Gandhi in 1930 was an critical partial of a Independence transformation and Hardik’s pierce to select that plcae for strengthening his restlessness is noticed as a summary to several stake-holders.