Pebble Time Review

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All smartwatches owe a debt to Pebble; a startup, in a prior life, was building smartwatches for BlackBerry inclination behind when people still used those. The Pebble Time is a second-generation Pebble hardware expelled by a company, and it starts shipping out to early supporters of a Kickstarter debate today. After a week of testing, on both iOS and Android devices, it’s transparent that Pebble Time is a outrageous alleviation on a original, yet is that adequate in a universe where both Android Wear and a Apple Watch are ascendant?

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  • 1.25-inch tinge e-paper arrangement with LED backlight
  • 40.5mm prolonged × 37.5mm far-reaching × 9.5mm thick
  • Bluetooth 4.0
  • 3D accelerometer, compass, light sensor and mic
  • Up to 7 day battery life
  • Polycarbonate box with immaculate steel bezel
  • 22mm customary watch lugs
  • MSRP: $199, pre-orders start during a finish of June
  • Product info page


  • Category-dominating battery
  • Slim, light design
  • Cross-platform


  • Third-party entrance boundary on iOS
  • Design really isn’t for everyone


Pebble Time is shipping in dual flavors, including a radically cosmetic chronicle that we perceived for review, and a Steel book to follow during a after date. Even a entry-level $200 Time incorporates some steel into a look, however – that bezel surrounding a arrangement is a immaculate steel accent treated with a PVD cloaking for blemish insurgency and tone.

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My examination section came in a foe automobile red that Pebble offering as one of 3 options to Kickstarter backers (I also corroborated a plan and chose a all black indication for my personal unit). The red is firm to be noticed, and is really a many decorated of a tinge options, yet a PVD-treated immaculate steel bezel, that uses a same charcoal/black finish as a all-black model, does a good pursuit of complementing a splendid rope and physique combo.

The industrial pattern on a Pebble Time offers both some of a biggest strengths as a device, and a biggest weaknesses; a hardware is really light, and surprisingly little and thin. It takes adult roughly a same space on your wrist as a 42mm Apple Watch, yet it’s a lot thinner, with a concave behind that molds to your wrist.

That said, it’s also really cosmetic – from a rubber tag that ships as a default option, to a tough polycarbonate box that creates adult a behind and buttons of a device, there’s cosmetic everywhere, and nothing of that leads to a utterly lush feel. It tends to give a Pebble a toy-like quality, that is substantially not going to be appreciated by many intensity buyers.

It’s still a vast alleviation altogether from a strange Pebble, yet it’s expected to continue to interest to that same assembly – dedicated tech fans who are looking for something practical with a bit of geeky flair.

Durability is a vast and with a Pebble Time, and a water-resistant pattern that lets we float with a watch, sum with a tough extraneous that is so distant arrangement no signs of wear (despite many random bashes and scrapes) is covenant to that. The other vast advantage here is support with existing, customary 22mm watch bands, like a NATO-style tag we see in a pic below. You’ll need watch collection to use it with non-quick recover pins (it ships with those in a default strap, luckily), yet it’s still approach softened than forcing people to use exclusive bands in terms of personalization.



Pebble Time is a lot like a strange Pebble when it comes to features, and that’s a good thing. The smartwatch colonize achieved some-more success than a peers by bargain before many what users are looking for in this kind of wearable – a connected watch helps us many when it stays mostly out of a way. Until, of course, we need it.

Pebble Time takes that even further, interjection to a new “Timeline” design, that radically relegates apps to a delegate purpose in practice. Generally speaking, many users will have small reason to ever leave a watch face, solely when they press adult and down on a side buttons to go behind in time, or to pierce brazen and see appointments and some-more on a horizon. For any of these, there’s a time stamp and a brief description, with a core symbol press divulgence some-more info, as good as a ability to tongue-tied Timeline presentation forms and burst to applicable apps.

The timeline is a smart, able creation on this new Pebble, yet it shines generally good when developers indeed use it. Apps that support timeline will cocktail adult notices in your tide when relevant, as dynamic by time of day, location, or some other contextual vigilance we specify. These live alongside things you’re substantially already awaiting to see, like notifications of arriving calendar appointments.

Pebble has solved one of a biggest usability problems of a prior era with this new timeline mechanic, creation it nonessential for we to go sport by menu lists to find specific apps when we need them. That’s still possible, yet it’s still really arduous, too, and there’s even reduction reason to worry now. You can also allot specific apps (as good as other local functions) to prolonged presses on a adult and down hardware buttons, creation them accessible instantly.


Those hardware buttons, and a miss of a touchscreen, are by now a graphic Pebble feature. The association has eschewed touch-based submit in preference of earthy buttons, and there are 4 sum on a device, including a back/light symbol on a left and a navigation/action buttons on a right. After experiencing Apple’s Digital Crown and side symbol on a Apple Watch, these feel a small some-more old-fashioned, yet they’re still softened for navigating a little shade than what many Android Wear inclination can offer.



Pebble Time’s program is all-new for this device, and it shows. The many apparent change is that it now supports color, interjection to a new e-paper full-color display, yet it’s also visually altered from tip to bottom to yield a some-more refined, reduction low-tech look, with lifeless borders on visible elements; vast bold, Susan Kare-style icons; and animations that peppers a user interface wherever we occur to look.

Those animations are, like so many other things about Pebble Time, rather of a double-edged sword. Initially, they’re really nice, achieving a fibre that we competence not consider probable on an e-paper formed display, that by a inlet doesn’t have superb modernise rates. But over time, we do grow rather sleepy of saying them between any and each screen, given they take a non-trivial volume of time to execute, and engage fundamentally wiping and redrawing a shade with each transition.


Personal ambience will enter into how we feel about these; we wouldn’t mind a ability to spin them off, or during slightest dial behind how mostly they appear, yet I’ve oral to others who found them possibly intensely off-putting, or a good UI develop that helps compute Pebble from a several competitors.

Apps, watch faces and timeline all seem manageable and snappy. The disproportion is that Pebble now doesn’t extent we to a set series of watch faces or apps, yet instead rotates out that ones are stored locally formed on how prolonged it’s been given we final used them. This means that if we haven’t used something recently, we might confront a loading bar when we try to launch it instead of a app itself. It’s a teenager distrurbance on a whole, however, and distant softened than carrying to go to a messenger app to bucket and unpack program manually.


That e-paper shade is utterly a technical attainment – a colors are mostly muted, yet carrying tinge during all is a vast accomplishment, and again, a pivotal approach in that Pebble Time bests a predecessor. Increased fortitude also helps, yet a tinge is what many people will notice true divided if they have knowledge with a prior generation.

Pebble Time’s shade is superb when we perspective it in approach sunlight. There’s no doubt that for outward use, this e-paper arrangement trounces a foe in terms of readability. Pebble has avoided too many glisten with a protecting potion on a Time, too, that means this smartwatch is a primo beach buddy.


Indoors (left) vs. outdoor (right) creates a vast disproportion for a Pebble Time’s e-paper display.

Every rose has a thorn, however, and a display’s is that it is mostly terrible in a retreat lighting conditions. Indoors, a shade is lifeless and gray, with cleared out tinge and liughtness that creates it tough to examination even in sincerely well-lit rooms.

Pebble has enclosed a backlight in a Time to assistance with this, usually like it did with a original, yet this usually creates things marginally better. The light never seems to activate on a wrist lift formed on motion, even when that choice is incited on, and a symbol press does urge visibility, yet not in a approach that creates a shade demeanour many better. Having tested it indoors first, afterwards taken it outside, we felt like my device had an wholly opposite shade in object vs. when we creatively set it up.


It’s tough to understate a advantage Pebble Time has in terms of battery vs. many stream smartwatches; Pebble Time does indeed get a advertised week-long battery-life touted by a association (it lasted usually dual days brief of that regulating a strange 80 percent assign my examination section arrived with).

That extended battery life has a few discernible benefits, including a fact that we can move it on a multi-day outing and leave a horse during home, that is not considerate for visit travellers. It also means we can wear it during night to lane your nap regulating apps like Misfit, yet we find that upsetting with any arrange of wrist-worn wearable, and a Pebble Time is no exception.

Still, 7 days on a singular assign feels luxurious, no matter what we finish adult doing with it. At a really least, it’s good that forgetful to block in during night won’t meant you’re really going to run out of extract a subsequent day, and that can be intensely profitable if you’re disposition on a smartwatch during a multi-day eventuality or conference.

Apps And Software

The local apps on Pebble Time are some-more than adequate to make a box for a device’s existence for users seeking a approach to stay some-more connected to their digital world. Calendar, SMS, phone and other default services, including built-in activity tracking, will substantially offer a needs of many intensity users. But height creates a vast disproportion here.

On iOS, a Pebble Time is softened vs. a predecessor, with some-more strong tie support that means we never once missed a presentation on a Time when comparing it directly to a Apple Watch. That’s big, since one of a issues many had with a final era was unsuitable connectivity.

That said, Apple boundary what Pebble Time can do with notifications in a approach that Android doesn’t, and that means it can’t play in a same sandbox as a Apple Watch. You can’t foreordain replies to incoming messages on Pebble Time on iOS, for instance, not even with canned messages.


On Android, we can do both those things, as good as send emoji in response to messages; we can do this even if we don’t use a batch messages app as your default option. You can also use a same kind of actions accessible on your Android device with inbound notifications on apps, usually like we can with Android Wear devices, since Google creates those facilities accessible to third-parties.

For iOS, Pebble Time’s interest is really faded in a participation of a Apple Watch, generally when it comes to dedicated third-party apps. Apple has a many easier time attracting tip developer talent, while Pebble Time has some glorious third-party apps, including one that plugs into Uber, yet nowhere nearby a abyss of catalog and not as many vast names.

On Android, that frequency matters, and your smartphone height choice will eventually make a vast disproportion in a program knowledge of regulating Pebble Time.

Bottom Line

Pebble Time is a plain alleviation on a original, and one that shows Pebble has warranted a repute as one of a some-more mature players in this space. That said, a singular design, in terms of both hardware and software, is expected to interest to a some-more niche assembly compared to something like a Apple Watch, specifically, and expected will greatfully existent Pebble devotees many of all.

It’s also simply my favorite smartwatch to use with Android, violence a existent stand of Android Wear inclination by a vast margin. The somewhat dainty visible demeanour of a device, as good as a healthy bearing for geeky watch faces like a ones I’m regulating in a videos and images above, sum with a endless support it enjoys for actionable notifications, creates it a good fit for Google’s mobile OS.

That’s because we suggest a smartwatch for Android users looking for a wearable, and for height switchers who wish something they can use with both; Pebble’s latest, notwithstanding a flaws, is ripping with practical attract for those who suffer a quirky looks.