People Are Really Mad About These ‘Designer’ Horses, But Is That Hypocritical?

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Unrealistic beauty standards portrayed in a media have left thousands, if not millions, of people going to some unimaginable extremes to renovate themselves.

And that isn’t even singular to humans. Animal breeders extract in practices that lead to genetic illness and monstrosity all for a consequence of producing animals that accommodate capricious multiply standards. With gene pools already limited, some breeders are left with no choice though to multiply within a same family. That’s when things get hairy.

One doubt remains: When is adequate enough? A new print of a thoroughbred equine is going viral and it might make we cruise prolonged and tough about that question.

Meet El Rey Magnum, an Arabian equine that looks some-more like something out of a Sunday funnies than a genuine horse.

Meet El Rey Magnum, an Arabian equine that looks some-more like something out of a Sunday funnies than a genuine horse.


The nine-month-old colt was bred by Orrion Farms, not for his abilities though for his altogether look.

This multi-million dollar equine comes with his really possess tab line, “you won’t trust your eyes,” and his singular demeanour is pronounced to be utterly renouned with both breeders and trainers.

Farm manager and primary tact confidant for Orrion Farms, Doug Leadly, is anxious with a results. “There is never soundness though we cruise this equine is a stepping mill to removing tighten to perfection. Often times you’ll get a well-developed face that he has though they don’t have a good body, they don’t have good tail carriage, they don’t reason their conduct high. He does all of that. He is really unapproachable of himself and he has well-developed tail carriage. He loves to pierce and he certain appears to be show-healthy, buoyant and fast. He loves himself. He is assured and loves to uncover off,” Leadly said.

And while a direct for a equine like El Rey Magnum might be high, not everybody is so eager about a horse’s appearance. Some people have uttered their concerns about a assumed coming of a colt, indicating to health problems he could run into after in life.

While Arabian horses are mostly identified by their dished faces with slim throat-latches, a universe has never seen a dished face utterly like El Rey Magnum’s. Some veterinarians fear that a horse’s farfetched face might means respirating problems down a line.The dished face is meant to assistance Arabian horses tarry their naturally dry environment, though a span of his is so impassioned that it could lead to singular atmosphere intake.

Outrageous, right? But if you’re annoyed by this apparently reprobate tact practice, take a demeanour during a animals in your life. If we have a thoroughbred pooch of your own, it’s useful to cruise what tact has subjected them to (even if your puppy is a rescue). Here are 5 renouned breeds that are scandalous for building health issues directly associated to pristine breeding.