People don’t come to see a tie: Carlos promises aggressive football from Delhi Dynamos

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He is a biggest star on a Delhi Daredevils’ register though notwithstanding a spotlight Roberto Carlos is facing, a Brazillian World Cup leader says he does not feel any vigour forward of a ISL starting Oct 3.

“There is no vigour on me here in Delhi Dynamos and we am doing my best for a group is what we call an obligation, something we attempted doing whole my life,” Carlos during a media interaction.

Delhi Dynamos launch their pack nearby a Taj Mahal.Delhi Dynamos launch their pack nearby a Taj Mahal.

Delhi Dynamos launch their pack nearby a Taj Mahal.

The Real Madrid legend, in an eventuality announcing a signing of Brazillian midfielder Vinicius Frreira de Souza, pronounced that he sees good talent in his team, be it a home players or unfamiliar imports.

“I am removing to know a Indian players and they are unequivocally good. It’s usually that a genius to play for win that we would like to teach into them. Because for me personification is winning.

“I would like them to play offensive. For me this is how football should be played. People don’t come to see a diversion where a teams play for a tie,” pronounced a clearly vehement Carlos.

The fact that a final Indian Super League didn’t unequivocally go according to a fondness of Delhi Dynamos does not worry a 42-year-old who feels that it’s media’s pursuit to cherry-pick a negatives.

“My whole thoroughness is on this season. The one that we’ll be playing. We have so many new people fasten us and as a actor and manager I’ll not consider of what happened before. My idea stays elementary and that is to win matches,” pronounced Carlos.

On a doubt of him personification matches selectively, a dead-ball dilettante said, “If we get to play all a games, afterwards we will play all. Of course, we won’t be personification a full game. It will be for few mins only.

“I consider I’ll substantially join them in a margin when they are winning and go out when a conditions is opposite.” quipped a footballer.

Vinicus was vehement to join a Delhi Dynamos and said, “It’s good to work with your idol. Roberto Carlos has been a one for me. we adore to flog a round towards a idea and would like to do a same here in Delhi Dynamos also.”

Delhi Dynamos play their initial compare opposite FC Goa on Oct 4, 2015.