Pérez Molina Resigns as President and Guatemala Cheers [Video]

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 Pérez Molina

Pérez Molina quiescent as boss of his republic on Wednesday of final week and Guatemala cheered. According to reports, hours after resigning, Molina was taken into control and jailed. Pérez Molina has been indicted of personification a vital purpose in a multi-million-dollars etiquette rascal scheme. This indictment and a successful formula of ousting a boss creates this one of a biggest domestic scandals in a nation. Crowds have been protesting during a stairs of a presidential offices, a Palacio Nacional, given April, in a pacific 5 months bid to mislay their hurtful personality from office. After balking during calls for resignation, Pérez Molina, a ex-president now, satisfied a protesting crowds were not going away.

On Thursday, confronting a trial, Pérez Molina waited for hours for a finish of an hearing of justification about his impasse in a large etiquette rascal case. Judge Galvez sealed a probity sequence and Pérez Molina, called “Tito” by those who know him best, was taken to jail and now faces a consequences of his allegations.

After Pérez Molina quiescent as president, tens of thousands of people in Guatemala cheered. They had been perfectionist for months that their boss step down and face accusations lawfully. According to sources, Pérez Molina spent a weekend in jail as an indicted rapist and a he ex-president announced he would not find haven in another country; he would take on himself a personal shortcoming as a citizen to face a authorised procedures of his possess country. In perspective of a fact that Pérez Molina himself was a troops adjudicator to finish a nation’s bloody 36-year polite war, all of this seems absurd. But, crime in politics is not new to Guatemala, nor to a universe in general.

Other Latin American countries who have kept a burial eye to a many new shameful incidents in Guatemala have demonstrated their good honour toward a republic for what they have been means to accomplish peacefully as a joined people. According to media sources, Mexico has voiced their high opinion and demeanour adult to a clever domestic instance that Guatemala has set for Latin American countries. Venezuela and Chile also worship a efforts of a thespian nonetheless successful pacific proof after domestic justice.

Guatemala has suffered most hang-up and troops crime during a hands of leaders such as Pérez Molina, generally in a regions of a northern Quiche where a inland people are some-more concentrated. In a past, many of the Mayan people in tiny colorful villages of Guatemala have suffered a misfortune massacres committed by troops genocides during a hands of domestic corruption. They now cry again for justice. Thanks to a committed efforts of their genealogical leaders, things are commencement to change. A pivotal deputy of a Mayan inland people of Guatemala is Rigoberta Menchu, who in 1992 won a Nobel Peace Prize for her heated impasse as an activist. Recently Manchu demanded the ouster and charge of Pérez Molina by law suits opposite his corruptions. The massacres of a 80’s, when US-backed dictator Efraín Ríos Montt was president of Guatemala, brought personal detriment to Menchu; she mislaid her father, her mother, and dual brothers. Ríos Montt played a purpose in a killings of some-more than 1,700 Ixil Mayan people, according to reports by Democracy Now. Manchu’s efforts also helped move this criminal to trial. Watch video cry – an talk with Rigoberta Menchu.

Amid all of this now rather staid misunderstanding for a people of Guatemala, they had their ubiquitous presidential choosing yesterday. Attempts had been done to postpone a central voting day, but success. As of 2 May, 2015, central reports prove that there are 7 million Guatemalans who are authorised to vote. And according to Washington Times, “Rudy Marlon Pineda, boss of a Supreme Electoral Tribunal, pronounced final formula would be accessible Monday around midday.”

Now that Pérez Molina has quiescent as boss and is confronting a consequences of his purported corruption, Guatemala cheers and waits for presidential elections to uncover their support for a boss who can lead this pacific and joined people but corruption.

By Jeanette O’Donnal


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