Petco Takes Full Responsibility for Death of Dog Baked in a Drying Cage

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Earlier this week, a dog was baked to genocide during a Midlothian, Virginia, Petco bathing drying enclosure as a outcome of worker negligence. The harmful news swept amicable media, permitting people to voice their snub with a genocide of a dog. On Thursday, a association expelled an central matter that pronounced they take, “full shortcoming in a genocide of Colby.”

The two-year-old Golden Retriever died from a feverishness cadence after being left in a drying enclosure for over 45 mins during a feverishness of during slightest 105 degrees Fahrenheit. Once a dog was taken to a inner animal hospital, his inner feverishness was still above 100 degrees after he had been passed for over one hour.

Following a incident, Petco temporarily dangling a worker who left Colby in a cage. The worker left a dog unattended after she clocked out to attend a friend’s graduation party. After an investigation, Petco settled all employees that were concerned in a genocide of a dog have been terminated.

Although Petco creatively expelled a matter that explained their drying cages do not use heat, they settled they will no longer use their stream form of drying enclosure that is used in each store. Furthermore, employees will have to bear some-more training and reserve sessions to scrupulously conduct a bathing room.

By Alex Lemieux


NBC 12: Petco admits fault, creates changes after dog’s death

Photo Courtesy of Jeepersmedia’s Flickr Page – Creative Commons License