Peter Mukerjea quizzed for third uninterrupted day: Latest developments in a Sheena Bora murder case

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With a next justice conference scheduled for Saturday, Mumbai military on Thursday were intent in a multi-pronged examine to discern a ground behind a murdering of Sheena Bora.

A senior military officer as observant that Indrani had “confessed” to her purpose in a crime, but providing serve details. However, IANS reported that Indrani’s counsel had discharged this, claiming Indrani was “very unaffected that she would not acknowledge to a crime that she had not committed”.

Sheena Bora in a record photo. PTISheena Bora in a record photo. PTI

Sheena Bora in a record photo. PTI

PTI on Friday reported that Indrani’s father Peter Mukerjea was called in for a third round of doubt by a police. The military questioned Peter compartment late on Thursday night and he was behind during a Khar Police hire on Friday morning for serve questioning.

Police names Peter as pivotal witness

After interrogation, according to a news in The Hindustan Times, a military motionless to name Peter Mukerjea as a pivotal declare in a murder case. The news suggested that a military have pronounced that a information supposing by Peter might assistance them ascertain the ground behind a murder of Sheena.

Some of a questions acted to Peter pertained to his financial transactions, generally his investments, his share in several companies, and how most income he had given to Indrani, son Rahul, step-daughter Sheena, and younger step-daughter Vidhie, who is Indrani’s daughter from her prior marriage.

Vidhie Mukerjea, Siddharth Das questioned

Besides Peter, his step-daughter Vidhie was also questioned by a police. Vidhie is a biological daughter of indicted Indrani Mukerjea and Sanjev Khanna.

She arrived about half-an-hour after Peter during a Khar Police Station, a military said. Sheena’s biological father Siddharth Das was also benefaction during a station. Das reached a military hire during around 12.30 pm, a military told PTI. Das was flown to Mumbai from Kolkata on Thursday dusk and is accepted to have been brought face-to-face with a accused. His matter has been available and his representation taken for DNA test.

Rahul Mukerjea didn’t record blank persons’ complaint

In another growth in a case, a military has pronounced that Rahul Mukerjea, Peter’s son who was also in a attribute with Sheena, might not have filed a blank censure as he has claimed.

The Indian Express reports, “The Mumbai Police probing Rahul Mukerjea’s claims of carrying approached dual military stations have so distant available statements of 15 policemen from a Worli military hire who have refuted his claims.”

Rahul had been grilled about his ‘relationship’ with Sheena and over the reasons for not posterior a blank censure about her. He was also taken to dual flats in suburban Bandra and Khar where he had allegedly spent some time with Sheena when they were saying any other, they said.

Siddharth Das brought in for questioning

Meanwhile, Siddharth Das, pronounced to be Sheena Bora’s biological father, has been quizzed by Mumbai military and his matter available in tie with a her murder case. Das reached Khar military hire during around 8 pm on Thursday to join a review and left during about 3 am on Friday morning, they said.

Das was flown to Mumbai from Kolkata on Thursday evening and is accepted to have been brought face-to-face with a accused.

According to IANS, Das has certified to carrying a attribute with Indrani and a fact that a dual children — Sheena and her hermit Mikhail Bora — were innate out of wedlock. He has voiced eagerness to concur with a investigation.

Earlier, a military group had reached Das’s Kolkata home on Wednesday in sequence to move him to Mumbai. His matter has been available and his representation taken for a DNA test.

A comparison military central told PTI that Mumbai Police Commissioner Rakesh Maria is expected to brief a media shortly on swell of review so far.

The military control of a 3 indicted — Indrani Mukerjea, Sanjeev Khanna and motorist Shyamvar Rai – ends on Saturday.

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