Philadelphia Has Gone Nuts After The Eagles Win. He Has The Head Injury To Prove It.

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On Jan 21, a Philadelphia Eagles creamed a Minnesota Vikings in a 38-7 victory. That night, a people of Philly reasonably freaked a ruin out.

And honestly, it’s a small tough to censure them. Fans had excitedly pinned their hopes on a group that could make it to Super Bowl LII and maybe even come out winning opposite a New England Patriots — and a Eagles positively dejected it, call a city-wide celebration.

Fans of all ages can’t wait to watch a Eagles contest in a National Football League championship diversion on Feb 4.


They’re so excited, in fact, that they flooded a streets of Philly, chanting, cheering, and marching for a win.


You could even contend that some mislaid their minds, violation a law but a caring in a world.