Phoebe a meth addict? This new fan speculation about Friends culmination will blow your mind

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Remember that TV uncover about 6 friends vital in New York. The one that took place roughly wholly in their apartments and a coffee shop. How can one forget Friends?

Courtesy: Facebook Courtesy: Facebook

Courtesy: Facebook

It’s been over a decade when a culmination of Friends was promote on 6 May, 2004. Over a decade given a 6 friends left a unit and walked divided from a lives.

It was an romantic interruption for many of us, though a reruns of a uncover over a years have kept them uninformed in a memories.

But now, usually as a uncover is about to go brazen with another rerun, a speculation about a culmination has got everybody thinking.

Twitter user Xenophon Moscrop (@strnks) has come brazen with a theory, according to that 5 of a 6 characters never even existed.

In an swap finale that he came adult with, a whole tract of a uncover was played inside Phoebe’s head, who was not usually homeless, though a meth addict.

All a characters and plcae are altered versions of people and places she came opposite in her bland life.

The impression of Phoebe on a uncover did grow adult on a streets and her mom was ostensible to be a drug dealer.

Read a full speculation below: