Photographer Flips The Script On Sexist Ads From Another Era

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Though a picture of a housewife who cooks, cleans, and takes caring of all her husband’s needs has faded out over a past several decades, some group still trust this is a outline of a ideal woman.

Eli Rezkallah, a photographer and video editor from Beirut, Lebanon, can demonstrate that a sexist ideologies portrayed in ads from a past still exist today. That’s what desirous him to emanate his possess detailed recreations of selected ads, reversing gender roles and display us what it’d demeanour like if group were treated a approach women were behind in a day.

Rezkallah says it all started with a review between his relatives.

“Last Thanksgiving, we overheard my uncles speak about how women are improved off cooking, holding caring of a kitchen, and fulfilling ‘their female duties,'” Rezkallah wrote on his website.

“Although we know that not all group are like my uncles and consider that way, we was astounded to learn that some still do, so we went on to suppose a together universe, where roles are inverted and group are given a ambience of their possess sexist poison.”