Piano Learning Strip

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China’s One Music Group introduced a Piano Hi-Lite, an LED light frame that can lay during a behind of any piano keyboard and light a approach to learning. Other systems bright tangible keys on a keyboard itself, a Hi-Lite is a frame that’s laid opposite a keyboard of any 88-key piano that students already possess and LED light points lined adult with keys.

The Hi-Lite frame is tranquil by an app, it’s connected to a smartphone or inscription using iOS/Android app over micro-USB and includes piece music, video lessons and games. Kicking off a doctrine gets a blue and red LEDs lighting up, that a tyro follows to learn a song, starting delayed and speeding up. It also incorporates an automobile scold functionality where a doctrine is paused if a wrong pivotal is pressed, and continues when a right note is played. The Hi-Lite is introduced in a video below.

Sources: Indiegogo

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