Pig Pens: A Look during Mirrors and Mats

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What a pig sees when it looks into a counterpart might assistance Agricultural Research Service (ARS) scientists urge stock housing.

ARS scientists found pigs elite to be in pens with mirrors, rubber mats and where they could see other pigs

Studying stock behavior, highlight and other contentment and prolongation factors is a pursuit of animal scientist Jeremy Marchant-Forde and his colleagues during a ARS Livestock Behavior Research Unit in West Lafayette, Indiana. Improving an animal’s sourroundings can revoke stress, that in turn, enhances well-being, expansion and efficiency, and decreases illness susceptibility.

In a study, Marchant-Forde looked during opposite forms of pig pens. Pigs had entrance to a customary coop with a steel building (the “control” pen), one with a rubber pad on a floor, another with a counterpart and a fourth with a perspective of another pig opposite a passageway. Pigs elite spending 40 percent of their time in pens where they could see another pig. They spent 10, 20 and 30 percent, respectively, in a control, counterpart and pad pens.

In a second experiment, scientists examined that pens pigs elite when a chairman was present. When a chairman was in sight, pigs spent scarcely 90 percent of their time in possibly a coop with a counterpart or where they could see another pig. Marchant-Forde hypothesized that pigs saw their thoughtfulness in a counterpart as a companion, though some-more investigate is indispensable for confirmation.

Having mirrors in a blurb production, where pigs are kept in groups, would not be feasible, Marchant-Forde notes. However, producers could cruise regulating rubber mats to assistance urge a pigs’ environment, that might assistance revoke highlight and foster health and productivity.

Read some-more about this investigate in a Jun 2017 emanate of AgResearch magazine.

Source: ARS

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