Plag: Moving from people oriented information to information itself

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Nowadays, when information streams are tranquil by gatekeepers — media powerhouses, governments, celebrities, usually 0.01% of Earth race confirm what’s critical and what’s not.


Information prolongation costs zero, basically. Anyone can share information on amicable networks though reduction than 1% see their calm unequivocally spread. The entrance to assembly partial is stagnating. There are only dual ways to strech a assembly — to build it yourself or to proceed someone who already have it. There is no such thing as an assembly accessible out of box, as a given thing.

At a finish of November, 2014 Ilya Zudin and Pavel Panov launched Plag, mobile application where their thought was to repair a approach information spreads nowadays. Plag is a totally opposite savage – it’s a single, one network and each user connected to each singular user right from a start (Plag have no friends or followers). Everyone is unprotected to information and it doesn’t matter who was a author. Plag is information-centered network or as developers call it –  “information network”.


In comparison to existent amicable networks, from a structure point, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram is a series of micro-networks trustworthy to a office of users – each user has its possess immobile round of connectors (“friends” and “followers”). He should settle and enhance this round by friending or following other people in sequence to accept their updates. Basically, it means that user sees not information he prefers to see, though information that was shown by people he had selected. These are people-centered networks.

“Plag is an apparent innovation, and it seems like people are prepared for this kind of information network. Most of Plag users know a thought and support it, they are fighting for a value of information. Here people can speak about wide rage of subjects, starting questions like “Can we conclude expansion as a certain bug in a organism’s program or hardware that creates it weaker or stronger?” and finale to “Do we consider open relations work?” “, explains the group of creators.

Plag generates a many applicable assembly for each singular information section (“card” in their terms) formed on a lot of criteria and removing smarter day by day. It combines math algorithms with amicable engineering and throng comprehension given users concerned in each fact of swelling information on Plag. Per se, they act as curators and figure information landscape of a network.

Right now, with half a million users, Plag is at its beta version. There are Android and iOS apps as good as desktop version.

Source: Plag Project Team