PM Modi condemns ‘cowardly’ apprehension attacks in Tunisia, Kuwait and France

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New Delhi: Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Friday cursed a “cowardly” apprehension attacks in Kuwait, Tunisia and France, observant a swell of amiability lies in assent and society instead of loathing and foolish violence.

PM Narendra Modi. PTIPM Narendra Modi. PTI

PM Narendra Modi. PTI

“My thoughts prayers are with a families desired ones of those who mislaid their lives in a villainous attacks in France, Kuwait Tunisia,” he tweeted.

“The swell of amiability lies in peace, society non-violence, not in hatred, apprehension foolish assault opposite others,” he added.

He was commenting on apprehension attacks in that over 50 people were killed in Kuwait, Tunisia and France.

In Kuwait, a self-murder bomber blew himself adult during Friday prayers during a Shiite mosque in a collateral Kuwait City, murdering 25 people and wounding over 200 others.

A gunman in Tunisia non-stop glow during tourists during a beach resort, withdrawal during slightest 27 people dead, including foreigners, in what a authorities branded a “terrorist attack”.

In France, a suspected Islamist launched a illumination raid on a gas bureau in an eastern partial of a country, pinning a decapitated conduct to a gates and injuring during slightest dual others with bomb devices.