PM Modi’s 56 inch-chest will be reduced to 5.6 inches: Rahul Gandhi’s dhamakedaar lines from Rajasthan

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As a partial of his two-day revisit to Rajasthan, Congress Vice President Rahul Gandhi addressed a entertainment of celebration workers in Jaipur on Friday. He spoke of his adore for Lagaan, afterwards changed on to tell a workers how he accepted a unsentimental use of pagdis (turbans) for a initial time, investigated where a BJP’s ‘remote-control’ is dark and finally finished with a warning for nothing other than Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

Rahul Gandhi during a convene on Friday. PTIRahul Gandhi during a convene on Friday. PTI

Congress Vice President Rahul Gandhi during a convene on Friday. PTI

His debate on Friday was right out of  a potboiler and has everybody in splits. If not a politician, we’re certain he would make it large as a Bollywood dialogue-writer.

Dont trust us? Read on to find out a 5 things Rahul Gandhi pronounced while addressing workers on Friday that brought out his misty side-

1. “Land Acquisition Bill will not be upheld in a Parliament. We will not let BJP acquire even an in. of land.  Modi ji’s 56 in. chest will turn 5.6 inch. You’ll wait and watch.”

Twitter users, as usual, were a initial ones to seize a event to moment a few jokes.

2. “I favourite a film Lagaan, in that a farmers were disunited, afterwards they got together protested opposite tax”

Rahul Gandhi’s initial difference while addressing his celebration workers- we adore Lagaan. If this doesn’t infer how good matched he his for Bollywood, what will? However, Twitter users weren’t impressed.

3. “One British officer in a film satisfied that he couldn’t assistance a farmers since his remote control was in London. Today as well, this Govt’s remote control is in London. He presses symbol there and a greeting is seen here”

Continuing to speak about a adore he has for Lagaan, Rahul also compared a British officer in a film who realised that he couldn’t assistance a farmers as someone else was determining his actions from London to a BJP supervision whose ‘remote-control’ was in London in a form of Lalit Modi. His choice of difference left us speechless.

4. “Yesterday for a initial time we accepted unsentimental side to wearing a pagdi, when we was scheming to travel in feverishness for 10 kms”

With this, Rahul baba only suggested too much. According to him, he accepted a purpose and use of the pagdi for a initial time on Thursday during his padyatra, notwithstanding existent for 45 years. That creates us consternation what are a other things he has no thought about…

5. “Kisan kii do maa hoti hai, ek jo usko janam deti hai, ek uski zameen”

Twitter, apparently wouldn’t let this pass either.

“Kisan kii do matriarch hoti hain, ek jo usko janam detii hai, ek uskii zameen”