Portrait of Suspect in Boston Is Disputed

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Robert S. Sullivan Jr., a counsel for Usaamah Rahim’s family, on Thursday in a CVS parking lot in Boston where Mr. Rahim was killed on Tuesday.

Sean Proctor for The New York Times

BOSTON — Usaamah Rahim’s family walked by a parking lot nearby a CVS here on Thursday and came to a stop nearby where Mr. Rahim was killed dual days progressing by law coercion officers.

His mother, Rahimah Rahim, a nurse, had tears in her eyes as she clasped a palm of her eldest son, Ibrahim, before a internal imam. Behind them stood Usaamah Rahim’s wife, her face hidden in a black veil.

It was a family’s initial open coming given Mr. Rahim, 26, was killed Tuesday by an F.B.I. representative and a military officer after a authorities pronounced he threatened them with a vast knife. A counsel for a family, Ronald S. Sullivan Jr., pronounced that they knew zero of his purported affinity for Islamic extremists, nor of a reported hazard to decapitate military officers.

“That came as a finish startle to a family,” Mr. Sullivan said, adding, “They had not viewed any control or change in appearance with Usaamah unchanging with those reports.”

The family pronounced nothing, though they were visibly jarred — struggling to make sense, acquaintances said, of a terrorism allegations opposite Mr. Rahim, and his nephew, David Wright, who was arrested late Tuesday and charged with conspiracy.

Usaama Rahim

To those who know a family, Usaamah in sold — as described by a authorities — was an outlier. His views, if what has been reported is true, they said, run opposite to a family’s middle-class values; to a preparation supposing to Mr. Rahim in a schools of Brookline, Mass., and during Miami-Dade College; and to a family’s attribute to Islam.

Mr. Sullivan distanced a family from Ibrahim Rahim’s initial comments claiming that his hermit had been shot in a behind while holding a cellphone. He did not repudiate any indiscretion by Mr. Rahim and Mr. Wright, revelation a throng that a family only wanted information and to know either a sharpened was justified. On Thursday night, a family met with a authorities to watch a video of a episode.

“What a family wants to do is enter into a corner attribute with a investigators to get to a truth,” he said.

That brew of counsel and difficulty has turn some-more common for many American Muslims. About 20 people a year have been arrested on charges of formulation or committing crimes in a United States encouraged by radical Islamic ideals given 2001, pronounced David Schanzer, executive of a Triangle Center on Terrorism and Homeland Security during Duke University. And they have come from a far-reaching operation of backgrounds.

“There is no settlement or mold of who becomes American aroused radicals,” he said. “We have immigrants, from all over a universe as good as converts. Black, white, Latino.”

Mr. Rahim, however, did not seem to fit a form of those many exposed to radical recruitment. He was not apparently disenfranchised, like some other Islamic State recruits. According to Facebook posts, Mr. Rahim married in 2013. In Miami, where he lived from around 2006 until a few years ago, he attended Miami Dade College and worked as a confidence guard.

Still, he did small to censor his impassioned views, that competence have grown in South Florida.

“Usaamah was tuned in a lot with online Islam,” pronounced Yahya Abdullah Rivero, who attended mosque with Mr. Rahim in Miami. “He kept an ear to all that was mentioned about Islam online. we know he used to listen to some impassioned imams online.”

Mr. Rahim and Mr. Wright, 24, also led online lives that showed a low seductiveness in radical Islam.

Both reliable Facebook pages underneath insincere names where they posted photos of Islamic militants and “liked” a pages of radical clerics, despotic Islamic law and a Islamic State, also famous as ISIS or ISIL. A mutual familiarity reliable that a pages belonged to a dual men.

Mr. Rahim appears to have posted underneath a name Abu Sufyaan on a page where he “liked” a Islamic State in Iraq in 2012, and also “liked” radical clerics, Sharia law and guns.

His many new post, from March, read, “Let not a opinions of male meddle with a directions given to we by god.”

His family pronounced that it was acid for answers. “The evident family has prepared me to secrete visualisation until we are hexed with contribution sufficient to form an opinion,” Mr. Sullivan said.

Mr. Rahim was a youngest of 5 siblings. His comparison hermit Ibrahim told The Boston Globe in 2007 that their father, Abdullah Rahman Rahim, assimilated a Nation of Islam in 1974, afterwards converted to mainstream Islam in 1978.

David Wright, left, a relations of Mr. Rahim, was arrested in Everett, Mass.

John Wilcox/Boston Herald, around Associated Press

His mom was innate in Brooklyn and changed to Boston with her family when she was an infant. In 2002, she published a romance about a working-class black lady from Boston who “becomes a Muslim in a 1960s polite rights era,” according to an overview from a publisher. According to an online author biography, she went on to work as a helper in Boston and as an English clergyman and helper in a Middle East.

A Boston imam, Abdullah Faaruuq, pronounced Ms. Rahim had attended his mosque for years. “She’s educated, soft-spoken and rarely intelligent,” he said. “And she’s a helper and a mature woman.”

Her son Ibrahim, who stood front and core during a family news conference, is 20 years comparison than Usaamah Rahim; he complicated Islam in Saudi Arabia for 8 years before portion as an imam in a Boston area, initial in Dorchester, afterwards in Brighton. He is now an imam in California.

Usaamah Rahim spent his freshmen year of high propagandize in Saudi Arabia in 2003, according to a superintendent of a open schools in Brookline, a suburb of Boston where he after graduated from high propagandize in 2007. After his graduation, he and some of his family changed to Miami.

He had stayed tighten to his nephew, Mr. Wright, who during some point, started going by a name Dawud.

“Dawud and Usaamah were really close,” Mr. Rivero said, adding that they were “really active” on PalTalk, a discuss room and messaging use mostly used by immature Muslims.

In 2013, Mr. Rahim changed behind to Massachusetts.

Using a name Abdur-Rahim Al-amreeki — an alias, according to friends and identical posts on Facebook — he posted on Facebook in Nov 2013 that he suspected a F.B.I. was drumming his phone, and that agents had called him.

“Damn FBI job my phone!” a post said. “‘He pronounced ‘Sir, we have some allegations per you…’ we pronounced ‘REALLY?’ What ALLEGATIONS? He pronounced ‘Well sir, thats what we wanted to accommodate adult with we about. we came by your residence a few times, though kept blank you.’ we said, ‘If we wish to serve me, we serve that COURT ORDER if your allegations we claiming are true, otherwise, BEAT IT’”

Mr. Rahim’s family was formulation to bury him on Friday, pronounced Mr. Sullivan, a lawyer.

Mr. Wright posted photos of armed militants and favourite pages that espoused a many regressive forms of Islam, regulating a names Dawud Wright, Dawud Shareef Wright and Dawud Sharif Abdul-Khaliq. On Twitter, he pronounced he was anticipating to investigate Islam in Saudi Arabia.

An confirmation from an F.B.I. representative says that Mr. Rahim and Mr. Wright some-more recently plotted (with a third male who has not been identified) to decapitate Massachusetts military officers after primarily deliberating a probable conflict on someone else.

On Thursday, Boston’s military commissioner, William Evans, pronounced that chairman competence have been a regressive blogger Pamela Geller.

Ms. Geller, who runs an classification called American Freedom Defense Initiative, dissapoint many Muslims final month when she orderly a animation competition about a Prophet Muhammad in Texas. Two group who stormed a competition and started sharpened were killed by a police.

Representative William Keating, a Massachusetts Democrat, pronounced a justification in a box would eventually make transparent a range of a threat, going over a singular individual, and presumably a Rahim family.

“This is an instance of terrorism left viral online,” he pronounced “This has been a regard for some time. The homegrown belligerent is a No. 1 hazard we have.”