Pot calls kettle black: Comparing the sins with Cong’s won’t do BJP any good

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The pot is perplexing to get divided by job a kettle black.

The BJP’s greeting to a charges opposite Sushma Swaraj, Vasundhara Raje and Shivraj Chouhan is a classical box of an indicted perplexing to hedge punishment by perfectionist others be punished first. Like a child held with his hands in a jar, a BJP is arguing: it wasn’t only me, others did it too. Na khaunga, na khaane doonga has morphed into usne khaya, categorical bhi khaunga.

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Sushma Swaraj, once a heavenly of fans of melodrama for her misty discourse like, “I will trim my head, nap on earth, live like a bhikshuni,” epitomises a BJP’s stream strategy.

This morning (22 July), Swaraj threatened to brief a beans on other’s for doing accurately what she is indicted of: domestic impropriety. we will name and contrition a Congress politician who wanted me to emanate pass to former apportion and spark fraud indicted Santosh Bagrodia, Swaraj’s Twitter teaser betrothed in a morning.

Perhaps, pulling some Congress personality in a same embankment would have helped Swaraj expostulate home a indicate a BJP is perplexing to make: we are only like them, if not worse. That, to quote that famous jingle, ‘Hema, Rekha, Jaya ho ya Sushma, sab ki pasand’ crime stigma.

The-Congress-also-did-it evidence is being listened ad nauseum everywhere a BJP is confronting trouble. In Madhya Pradesh, where Chouhan is confronting a Opposition madness and polite multitude scrutiny, a BJP is bravely perplexing to disagree that a fraud originated during a Congress era.

Even if this were true, perplexing to censure a Congress for a Vyapam fraud is a ban complaint of Chouhan’s executive inefficiency. If he authorised a complement of crime instituted by a Congress to continue right underneath his nose, to let his possess staff, ministers, kin and a Governor House advantage from it, Chouhan is guilty of being a lame-duck CM who kept his eyes and ears close for some-more than a decade.

In Rajasthan, similarly, a Vasundhara Raje supervision went into a ‘me black, Congress blacker’ mode a impulse she was indicted of assisting Lalit Mode and shadey financial deals with a ex-IPL chief. Instead of explaining her brazen try to assistance Modi with his immigration focus to a UK authorities and her son’s questionable transactions, a Rajasthan BJP launched a counterattack on former arch apportion Ashok Gehlot and his son’s purported deals with a businessman.

Incidentally, when allegations of Gehlot and Son’s financial deals had initial flush in a media 4 years ago, Raje had confirmed a complicated silence, substantially since she was heedful of a Congress reopening some of her aged cases.

Now, a same allegations have helped a BJP accelerate a ‘Congress did it too’ defence.

Let us face this: The Congress ran a corrupt, emasculate supervision during a Centre and in several states compartment a few years ago. Many of a comparison leaders were indicted of graft, inherent impropriety and dignified and reliable lapses. The UPA-2 took crime and impropriety to unthinkable levels underneath Manmohan Singh.

But a Congress has already paid a cost of a domestic sins. It was thrown out of energy in several states, reduced to a posterior in a Lok Sabha. The PM suffered a steep decrease in credit and popularity, his ministers were ridiculed, reviled and routed in elections and a Gandhis were reduced to small spectators in politics.

The BJP knows that some of a allegations opposite Swaraj, Raje and Chouhan are serious. It doesn’t have a convincing reason or a crafty defence. So, it has resorted to a crafty ploy: spin all into a Congress vs BJP debate.

If a media breaks a story — Lalitgate for instance — blame a Congress for using a infamous campaign. If whistleblowers indicate during a horrible swindling and widespread crime in — the Vyapam scam, for instance — accuse a Congress of a antagonistic campaign.

The BJP incorrectly believes that people will acquit a acts simply since they still cruise Congress a bigger evil. But, by explaining a possess misdeeds by comparing them with a Congress sins, a BJP is forgetful a biggest dignified of a 2014 elections: when people chuck a kitchen penetrate during politicians, both a kettle and a pot get thrown out.