Potato rubbish a intensity goldmine

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In further to a value boost of adult to a cause 1,000, a perspectives are also healthy food additives and improved function of resources. Innovation Fund Denmark is investing DKK 14 million (EUR 1.9 million) in a project.

Today, seaweed and potatoes are used to remove a accumulation of additives for food production. This means that vast quantities of residual products are generated, that are converted with a really low value and sole as animal feed or finish adult as waste.

But a residual products enclose essential proteins which—if they can be extracted amply cost-effectively and efficiently—can be used to furnish several additives such as preservatives, pepper agents, and emulsifiers.

With a investment from Innovation Fund Denmark, researchers from DTU and Aalborg University will—in partnership with 5 companies—develop collection that use believe about protein sequences to indicate a residual product for proteins carrying properties that make them useful in a prolongation of additives.

They will also rise collection to name precisely those collection of a proteins that are to be used in production. The residual products are now sole during a cost of DKK 1-15 per kg. The plan partners design that a extracted protein can be sole during a cost per kg that is 10,000 times higher, depending on what it can be used for.

“The investigate plan will give us a singular discernment into either the—for us—least essential partial of a potato can be used for new specialized mixture in a prolongation of food or non-food products,” says Ole Bandsholm Sørensen from a mixture association KMC, one of a plan partners.

However, it is not usually intensely essential to remove and sell a essential proteins from a residual product. The proteins can also offer as a preservative and extend a life of a food products to that they are added:

“The new collection will supplement value to a residual products and safeguard a improved function of produce. The additives in that a extracted proteins will be used, will, among other things, assistance to extend food shelf life, so also in this honour does a plan assistance to quarrel apparatus waste,” explains Project Manager and Professor Egon Bech Hansen from DTU Food.

On a tellurian scale, really vast quantities of food are lost, since they are not used in time. In a building countries, it is quite during a producers that a food products rot. In industrialized countries, it is a consumers who do not use a food products before their best before date. Thanks to this project, a proteins from a rubbish products may, among other things, be used as a preservative and safeguard that a food products sojourn appetizing for a longer duration of time.

Source: DTU

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