Powerful Maker Board

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UDOO X86 is a absolute builder house with and an Arduino™ 101-compatible platform. It allows to run all a procedure accessible for a unchanging PC, from gaming to video streaming, from graphical editors to veteran growth platforms, all a procedure for a Arduino™ 101, including all a sketches, libraries and a central Arduino™ 101 IDE. It is 10 times some-more absolute than Raspberry Pi 3, and is means to expostulate adult to 3 4K screens during a same time. It is formed on Quad Core 64-bit new-generation x86 processors done by Intel®, designed for a PC domain. The processors strong in 14 nm, with an amount of energy consumption of 5 or 6 Watt.


The UDOO X86 embeds a newest Arduino™ 101, with all a upgrades – including 6-axis accelerometer and gyroscope and Bluetooth Low Energy connectivity. The Arduino concordant height onboard is connected with a categorical processor by an inner USB port. It has a same pinout blueprint of Arduino™ 101 and is concordant with all concordant shields, sensors and actuators. The house handling voltage and I/O is 3.3V though all pins are also stable opposite 5V overvoltage.

UDOO X86 can be used to procedure a Arduino™-compatible module directly with a customary Arduino™ IDE. The house is designed to concede a Arduino™ 101-compatible microcontroller to run when a absolute Intel® Quad Core CPU is powered off, and arise it adult when something’s happened in a world.
It supports a multiboot pattern and foot from everywhere. Its coherence creates a loyal PC, it mounts 8 GB eMMC on board, a Micro SD label reader as good as SATA, M.2 Key B and USB 3.0 ports to insert your new-generation tough disk. You can run any x86-compatible OS: Linux®, Windows® or Android™. Drivers for Linux distributions are supported. It has an M.2 connector that can bond over Wi-Fi 802.11ac and Bluetooth Low Energy around an outmost Wi-Fi/Bluetooth Low Energy module. It is open source and open hardware.

2-9a56bb3de9dc35637162377c2d9d1385_originalThe plan has so distant lifted some-more than $162 thousands on Kickstarter, from some-more than 981 backers, with 53 days to go before a debate ends. Those subsidy this debate are betrothed shipping date of Nov 2016. The cost is $89.


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