President Bill Clinton Steps Into VR

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As we mentioned during my VR row during TC Disrupt final week, Bill Clinton has been messing around with practical reality. Today, Felix Paul Studios’ prolongation “Inside Impact: East Africa” has strike both Oculus (Oculus Store for Gear VP Innovator Edition) and Facebook 360 grade video. For a video embedded below, strike play and drag a shade around to get a full experience.

Here’s what Félix Lajeunesse, co-founder of Felix Paul Studios, had to contend about a team-up:

We are respected to have collaborated with President Clinton and a CGI group to tell this critical story. Cinematic practical existence allows audiences to declare events and moments with an rare clarity of awareness, presence, and romantic connection. Through this VR journey, viewers will get to knowledge a contemporary existence of East Africa in a rarely sensorial, immersive way, and declare for themselves a hurdles and transformative inlet of that partial of a world.

Bill Clinton is a initial boss to step into practical reality, in box you’re gripping score. The man is a trailblazer…remember when he sent his initial content message?

If we didn’t locate the VR row during Disrupt, have a watch: