Presidential carefree Sanders wins comfortable ‘Late Show’ welcome

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By FRAZIER MOORE, AP Television Writer

NEW YORK (AP) — Bernie Sanders brought a “Feel a Bern” coffee crater for Stephen Colbert along with his summary of lifting a center class, and in lapse perceived a stone star’s acquire from a studio assembly as a guest on CBS’ “The Late Show” Friday.

The Vermont senator and Democratic presidential carefree also brought along statistics to support his cause.

“It is a dignified snub that a tip one-tenth of 1 percent now owns roughly as most resources as a bottom 90 percent; that 58 percent of all new income is going to a tip 1 percent,” he said.

To that, as with scarcely everybody he said, a assembly cheered.

Sanders, who is now a clever opposition to Hillary Rodham Clinton in Iowa and New Hampshire, pronounced it’s time Americans direct that “government start operative for all of us, not only a few.”

But Colbert asked him how he approaching to go all a approach to a White House but combining a Super PAC and soliciting debate contributions from large donors.

“You don’t move a ladle to a blade fight,” Colbert said.

Sanders countered he was removing tiny donations from hundreds of thousands of particular contributors instead.

“I don’t support a bulletin of corporate America or a billionaire class,” he said. “I don’t wish their money.”

“You are a magnanimous and we are a socialist, and people call we a magnanimous and a socialist,” pronounced Colbert impishly. “Why will we not accept those dual terms as a insults they are meant to be?”

Sanders laughed.

“I cite a tenure ‘progressive,’” he declared.


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