Prettiest Makeup Looks From “Glee”

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With a grand culmination of a renouned Fox array Glee set for Mar 20, we’re holding a outing down memory line to admire a countless beautiful makeup looks from a series. From Lea Michele’s brunette beauty Rachel Berry to a icy good looks of dim and blonde Dianna Agron’s Quinn Fabray, here are a prettiest makeup looks from a show.


Photo: gleeoninstagram on Instagram 

1) Rachel Berry’s dim smokey eye makeup, organic glow and dim pinkish lip: Star tyro Rachel Berry strike all a right records with this moist makeup look. Her swift black eyeliner and enviable lashes finished a look, while her pointed pinkish glow highlighted her cheekbones. Meanwhile, a hardly there pinkish mouth colour authorised a courtesy to stay focused on her distinguished eyes.


Photo: gleeoninstagram on Instagram 

2) Quinn’s understated pinkish mouth and flushed blush: Classic golden-haired beauty Quinn kept her beauty demeanour purify and understated, with a light pinkish mouth colour to stress her smile. Meanwhile, a spirit of flushed glow brought ethereal colour to her face.


Photo: Lea Cory Supporter (@Lea_CoryForever) on Twitter

3) Santana Lopez’ flawless skin, dim swift eyeliner and extreme eyebrows: When outlandish beauty Santana (played by Naya Rivera) exchanged her marriage vows with her dear partner Brittany Pierce ( Heather Morris), she looked each bit a eager bride. Her neutral mouth colour stood out opposite her abounding tan skin, matter eyebrows and dim eye makeup.


Photo: gleeoninstagram on Instagram 

4) Brittany’s witty orange red mouth colour and Santana’s distinguished pinkish lip: In this witty stage from Season 6, Brittany embraced a free-spirited red mouth with an orange undertone, that flattered her porcelain skin. Meanwhile, Santana incited her beauty demeanour adult to a subsequent turn with a splendid pink-mauve mouth colour that showcased her olive skin tone.


Photo: gleeonfox on Instagram 

5) Sue Sylvester’s vampy red mouth and tangible eyes: While we might be used to saying despotic and shaping manager Sue Sylvester (played by singer Jane Lynch) on shade with a makeup-free face, a no-nonsense impression incited to her delicate side for this look. With her low red mouth and darkly tangible eyes, Sue’s classical scrupulous beauty done an astonishing splash.