Prevent motorcycle accidents with a connected stop light on your helmet

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Cosmo Connected is a stop light device trustworthy to a behind of a motorcycle helmet to warning surrounding vehicles during eye level. In an emergency, it shares GPS coordinates with puncture responders for a quick response time, even when nobody’s there to dial 911.

Soaring down a turnpike during high speeds and feeling a breeze competition past is an adrenaline disturb motorcyclists crave. Unfortunately, a risk of accidents is aloft on a motorcycle, mostly from dreaming drivers unknowingly of a motorcyclist beside them. Cosmo Connected is a detachable intelligent helmet appendage that combines a back stop light and mobile focus designed to keep riders safe.

If an collision does occur, either caused by another car or not, Cosmo Connected helps motorcyclists get a assistance they need. If an collision happens during night or an area with minimal traffic, it could be hours before paramedics arrive. But Cosmo Connected has a built-in gyroscope that detects when a supplement falls, and alerts roadside assistance services. If a supplement does not respond within 3 minutes, it contacts family and friends and sends GPS coordinates to puncture responders.

To assist puncture responders in giving medical care, users can supplement critical medical story to a mobile app to yield specific medical requests, remedy allergies and blood type. Having health information straightforwardly accessible means a disproportion between life and death.

The device is designed for all situations including non-life melancholy situations motorcyclists find themselves in from holding a mangle during a side of a highway or in day-to-day traffic. Twelve LED lights light adult to warning surrounding drivers during eye turn when motorcyclists decelerate. This gives other drivers time to conflict accordingly to forestall accidents, generally attack a motorcyclist from behind, that is a many common form of collision. Cosmo Connected is also programmable to blink like a jeopardy light if needed.

But Cosmo Connected isn’t only for a chairman wearing a helmet. Being family or friends with motorcycle riders can be harrowing since they never know if they are late since of traffic, or since they were sideswiped by another vehicle. If riders are roving a distant distance, family and friends are taken along for a float with attainment and depart times connected by a app.

Made of polycarbonate and EPDM rubber, a combined weight of Cosmo Connected is frequency conspicuous during 5.3 oz. The device is trustworthy magnetically to a bottom of a helmet creation it easy to remove. The bottom is done to fit a bend of any motorcycle helmet. Its lithium polymer rechargeable battery binds a assign of over 8 hours prepared for an unpretentious highway journey to final as prolonged there is gas in a tank.

Although Cosmo Connected is designed with motorcyclists in mind, bicyclists can use this device on their helmets too. Sharing a highway with Lyfts/Ubers, buses, cars and pedestrians emanate a wily sourroundings for bicyclists to navigate safely by in civic centers or highway biking. Cosmo Connected will warning a surrounding sourroundings of their presence.

The Kickstarter debate will final 60 days with a idea of $54,468 and an estimated shipping date of Sep 2017 during a cost of $129. The early bird special start during $108 with smoothness slated for Jul 2017. The unchanging cost goes adult to $162 for aluminum and $270 for CO and consumers have a choice to buy 4 and get one free. Duo packs, that come in pairs will also be accessible during a ignored price.

For some-more information, revisit a Kickstarter page.

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