Prima facetious-Why allegations of tellurian scapegoat in Tamil Nadu are too tough to probe

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By Sandhya Ravishankar (@sandhyaravishan)

Chennai: The tiny encampment of E Malampatti in Madurai district, Tamil Nadu, has been all aflutter this past week. The media’s spotlight has been incited precisely onto this village, now scandalous as a site of purported tellurian sacrifices conducted around 12 years ago. A jeep motorist before employed with a vast slab organisation PRP Granites, reiterated, after several years, his claim of tellurian scapegoat carrying been conducted by his former employer PR Palanisamy and his henchmen.

The jeep motorist Sevarkodiyan claimed, in a petition to IAS officer U Sagayam 4 months ago, that he had picked adult a few mentally ill persons in beside Pudukottai district and brought them to his trainer PRP’s office, when he was employed with a slab organisation between 1998 and 2003. He claimed that those mentally ill persons had been sacrificed as partial of a protocol and buried nearby E Malampatti village. Sagayam, who is a authorised commissioner allocated by a Madras High Court to examine into a Rs 16,000 crore slab fraud in Madurai, motionless to pull for investigations into these startling allegations. Exhumations were systematic during a funeral site final weekend and a retaining play began.

Representational image. Image courtesy: PTIRepresentational image. Image courtesy: PTI

Representational image. Image courtesy: PTI

“Sagayam was disturbed that a justification during a funeral site competence be private overnight by vested interests and so he camped there for a night final week to safeguard that a skeleton would be protected,” pronounced a source in Sagayam’s team, on condition of anonymity. Police dug 5 feet low and recovered 4 bodies on a 13th of this month. Sagayam systematic military to puncture upto a abyss of 10 feet. Two some-more bodies were recovered, all of that have been sent for debate analysis, with formula on a initial 4 bodies expected to arrive this week and on a final dual bodies subsequent week.

Theatre of a absurd

The biggest eyebrow-raiser appears to be a tangible mark being dug adult by a police. The area has been used as a tomb by villagers for a past 10 years. “If we puncture a graveyard, what are we going to find there?” asked a military officer on condition of anonymity. A late military officer likened a conditions to a prank – “A tiny two-seater Cessna 152 craft crashed into a tomb early this afternoon. Search and rescue workers have found dual survivors and recovered 300 bodies so distant and design that series to stand as digging continues into a evening,” he quipped.

Police now have a toilsome charge of relating DNA samples from a bodies with those of villagers, to see either a passed are kin of a villagers or different persons, as claimed by Sevarkodiyan.

The second red dwindle is in a censure filed with a Madurai military by a jeep motorist Sevarkodiyan. His censure does not mention when he had indeed picked adult a mentally ill persons from Annavasal in Pudukottai district. The created censure with a Madurai military simply states that between 1998 and 2003 Sevarkodiyan was operative as a jeep motorist with a slab association PRP. He states that he went to Annavasal, picked adult 2 people and left them during a PRP office. A month and a half after he came to know that a same people were found passed on a riverbank. The 3 indicted named in a complaint, he states, buried a physique in a specified location. Police contend that this censure is too deceptive to be of most help.

“We have to serve establish a censure done on this issue,” Madurai Superintendent of Police (SP) Vijayendra Bidari told Firstpost. “We need to find out specifics of when a occurrence took place and brand a deceased. We have sent a skeletons for debate tests to settle a time of death. Once we get a reports we will have a clearer picture,” he said. Other questions that a military would like to ask Sevarkodiyan are either he was asked to move in a mentally ill persons or either he did that on his own, and sum on how he managed to captivate them into his car along with a minute outline of a purported victims.

Sources within a review group probing a tellurian scapegoat angle told Firstpost that a bodies exhumed had a specific phony cloth with a musical limit wrapped around them. These bodies have also been buried in a specific north-south instruction as per encampment practices. Police contend that internal villagers have come adult to them saying that their kin were buried during a same mark in a sold phony cloth. “Some bodies had been buried with coconuts tied to them,” pronounced a source requesting anonymity. “Villagers tell us there is a use prevalent among certain communities here of burying unwed persons with coconuts tied to their bodies,” he said, debunking media claims that a coconuts indicated ritualistic sacrifice.

All 6 bodies have been sent to a group of 3 debate doctors for testing. The Polonium 310 exam will be used to establish a closest time of genocide – this exam can uncover time and year of genocide upto a domain of 138 days before or after a tangible date of death.

Another group of military has fanned out opposite Madurai district sport for mystic practitioners who might have believe about a rituals of tellurian sacrifice. Yet another group is scouring by a database of blank persons in and around Madurai district.

“If Sevarkodiyan’s claims are true, afterwards a mentally ill persons that he picked adult could have come to Pudukottai from anywhere in a country,” argues a comparison military officer, indicating out a daunting near-impossibility of a charge of identifying a victims, if any.

This routine was in fact already carried out in 2012 by afterwards SP of Madurai V Balakrishnan and his team, who had creatively carried out a raids on a slab mafia, frozen their accounts and shutting down their businesses. “We done endless inquiries in hospitals in MDU and Melur about deaths in quarries,” Balakrishnan, who is now Deputy Commissioner in Mylapore, Chennai, told Firstpost. “We also checked with a harmed certified from chase sites. We analysed all assumed genocide cases reported underneath Section 174 of a CrPC (Criminal Procedure Code) 15 years before 2012 and we couldn’t find anything unlikely in any of those cases. Based on a ubiquitous censure on suspected tellurian sacrifice, we did all this. There was no specific censure from any kin of blank persons when we looked by a blank persons list,” he said.

Interestingly a Supreme Court has already discharged in toto a Special Leave Petition in Dec 2013 – an intervenor petition by activists along with Sevarkodiyan had pled for review of these same allegations of tellurian sacrifice. “That many trusting Dalit connected labors from Orissa and Bihar and bad workers and violent people in a area have been barbarically massacre on tellurian scapegoat called ‘Nara Palli’, that is murdering a tellurian being as a sacrificial offer to greatfully bad demons to serve a business during each new quarrying site personally by a Granite mafia,” says a intervenor petition in a Supreme Court filed in 2013. All of these have been discharged summarily by a peak court.

Legal commissioner Sagayam stays parsimonious lipped. His job, he says, is to news commentary to a court. “I will contention my news on bootleg slab mining to a justice in dual weeks,” he told reporters final week. “I do not wish to contend anything over that.” His team, though, is assured that they have stumbled onto a large revelation.

So did a tellurian scapegoat occur or not? There are no easy answers to this and there never might be. The strange claim by one jeep motorist could good sojourn only that – an allegation. With subsequent to zero to work on, military continue to slave on with their investigations. But during a finish of all this, E Malampatti positively has had the 15 mins of fame.