Professional Artists Reimagine Kids’ Drawings With Incredible Results

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Kids have a lot of imagination, and they come adult with some truly violent creatures if we give them some paper and crayons.

When children are given a event to let their minds run wild, they can dream adult things us adults couldn’t have even suspicion of. As some-more and some-more art programs are being cut from schools and time for extracurriculars dwindles, we see reduction of this uncontrollable creativity each day.

Never fear, though, a monsters are here to save us! That is, children’s drawings of monsters are here to save us.

The Monster Project encourages facile propagandize students in Texas to pull monsters of their possess creation.

Then those students are interconnected with one of a 100 veteran artists participating in a program.

The artists afterwards reimagine a child’s sketch to emanate it in a accumulation of veteran mediums.