Proven cybercrime warrior moves from supervision to private sector

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FLOWER module app helps branch cyberattacks

Some Department of Energy comforts knowledge thousands of attempted cyberattacks any day. But a FLOWER module app, grown and law by DOE’s Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, has been used by other collection and cyber analysts to detect, deter and lessen concurrent attacks.

Now, FLOWER has been protected to zSofTech Solutions of Atlanta, that provides a clients module resources in a areas of cybersecurity, information analytics, synthetic comprehension and Infrastructure and Cloud management.

FLOWER, that stands for Network FLOW AnalyzER, is a module focus that collects two-way network conversations between computers to assistance lessen cyberattacks.

The Department of Homeland Security helped move a module grown for and used by supervision agencies to a private sector. The DHS Science and Technology Directorate ST, by its Transition to Practice Program, identified FLOWER as a earnest claimant for transition to a blurb marketplace.

FLOWER, so named since it inspects network flows or conversations between computers, can be deployed regulating a pacifist network daub anywhere in a enterprise. FLOWER is a elementary though absolute algorithm that can parse and total adult to one million parcel headers per second. Packets are same to envelopes jacket adult a data. FLOWER doesn’t demeanour inside a pouch though has ways of last if what is inside conforms to what should be there or either it’s questionable and needs serve analysis.

“The Transition to Practice module played a poignant purpose in FLOWER’s commercialization,” pronounced Kannan Krishnaswami, a commercialization manager during PNNL. “zSofTech Solutions is a tiny business that evaluated a intensity of FLOWER and subsequently combined a business box for a focus in cloud and high-performance computing spaces.”

“The TTP module is good for tiny companies who are looking to innovate and emanate new record for a marketplace,” pronounced Leticia Alexander, boss of zSofTech Solutions.

“The TTP module helps technologies go from a lab to a marketplace, in vast part, by a partnerships with a private sector, focusing on anticipating a right business indication for any technology,” pronounced Nadia Carlsten, TTP module manager in ST’s Cyber Security Division. “The chartering of FLOWER by a tiny business is a earnest step in removing this much-needed record adopted by enterprises seeking to boost their cybersecurity.”

Flower is a 10th cybersecurity record that has been protected as a partial of a Transition to Practice program. Each mercantile year, a TTP module selects adult to 8 earnest cyber technologies to incorporate into a 36-month program. TTP introduces these technologies to finish users around a nation with a idea of transitioning them to investors, developers or manufacturers that can allege them and spin them into commercially viable products.

Source: PNNL

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