Pup Throws Hilarious Tantrum When Dad Says He Can’t Sit In His Lap

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If we share your home with a dog, we know all too good that they can be only like children.

Sure, they’re adorable, though during times, they also don’t wish to listen, get into things they aren’t ostensible to, and chuck tantrums when they don’t get their way. Just check out this humorous pupper named Higgs, for example. He didn’t like it when his owners pronounced “no” and done certain to let his clever antipathy for a answer be known.

Apparently, Higgs’ heart was set on sitting in his dad’s lap. But when Dad wouldn’t let him, Higgs done it really transparent that he wasn’t gratified in a slightest.


Higgs can speak behind to me any time he pleases. If we were his owner, I’d have a really tough time not giving this cutie all he wants.