Puppy Recovers After Being Stung Over 400 Times By A Swarm Of Bees

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I can’t overtly remember a final time we was stung by a bee, though we can tell we that I’m in no precipitate to modernise my memory of that feeling.

But these critters aren’t only captivated to humans. They can prick your favorite animals, too. When a friendly pooch named Tramp went outward for a bit of fun with his companion, he didn’t design to be swarmed by hundreds of bees.

That’s accurately what happened, withdrawal him with bumps and distended sores all over his body. Tramp afterwards began experiencing seizure-like symptoms. Veterinarians safely private upwards of 400 stingers from a dog’s body.


I can’t even start to suppose a pain and mishap that Tramp and his family went through. Let’s only wish this bad puppy never has to contend with nasty bees again!