Quadruple Impact Challenge

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This is an open call for on a belligerent solutions or ideas that are formulating impact, large and small, in a changing sourroundings of medicine. We are privately looking for innovative ways to broach care, new ways to bond patients with their possess information and a caring team, and engaging use of medical inclination and wearables to accumulate data.

The best solutions will be those that accomplish a Quadruple Aim of enhancing a studious experience, improving race health, shortening costs, and improving a work life of health caring providers, including clinicians and staff

Win profitable prizes:

  • Grand Prize – $10,000
  • The finalists might be published in a Journal of Medical Internet Research
  • “Poster Presentations” for entrants

Everyone who submits will get:

  • Invaluable feedback and dialog with heading experts in a margin on your idea. The progressing we submit, a some-more feedback we will get.
  • A giveaway sheet to a MedTech Impact Conference and Expo in Las Vegas on Dec 13-14.

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