Quantum extends StorNext 5 with information government for multi-tier storage and hybrid cloud

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Quantum Corp. has announced StorNext 5.3, a latest chronicle of a scale-out storage platform, providing a operation of modernized information government capabilities optimized for perfectionist workflows. In serve to powering a company’s new Xcellis workflow storage solution, StorNext 5.3 also supports Quantum’s new Q-Cloud Vault use and incorporates end-to-end encryption for all Q-Cloud offerings, enabling StorNext users to take advantage of secure, low-cost open cloud storage for long-term influence and insurance of digital assets.

Along with Quantum’s Artico NAS repository appliance, also powered by StorNext, these new solutions concede business to muster advanced, multi-tier storage architectures that mix on-premise, high-performance storage for a many performance-dependent tasks with off-premise, rarely scalable storage for low-cost, long-term archive. StorNext ensures that resources reside in a storage tier that best matches a workflow requirement and maintains finish prominence and accessibility to all resources regardless of earthy location. The StorNext 5.3 focuses on multi-tier storage solutions and ability to support hybrid on-premise/off-premise storage

Q-Cloud Vault incorporates Amazon Glacier storage for lower-cost, long-term information storage and is a element to Quantum’s Q-Cloud Archive service, that leverages Amazon S3 as a storage tier for some-more active repository data.

In serve to powering a new Xcellis and Q-Cloud Vault storage solutions, StorNext 5.3 also gives users of any StorNext-based deployment new options for handling data, including Alternate Store Location, a rarely configurable underline that facilitates a involuntary duplicating of files to mixed sites or storage tiers, including on feast of a data. For example, a video record from a notice camera can be copied to high-performance hoop storage for on-site research and parallel archived to remote fasten or cloud storage for long-term influence and disaster recovery. Then, when a research is completed, a record can be deleted from a some-more costly on-site storage while a repository duplicate is recorded but any serve movement required.

StorNext 5.3 also provides full support for a latest era of LTO fasten systems and inclination (LTO-7).