Rafae Benitez not in fear of losing Real Madrid pursuit detriment after Barcelona humiliation

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Madrid: Real Madrid manager Rafael Benitez insisted he was not disturbed about losing his pursuit after examination his side flustered by arch-rivals FC Barcelona on their home turf.

Two goals from Luis Suarez, one from Neymar and another from Andres Iniesta, on Saturday dusk frequency did probity to a approach Barcelona outplayed Real Madrid in violence them 4-0 in a Santiago Bernabeu Stadium. After a boos and jeers subsided, Benitez pronounced he was focused on lifting a spirit of his players following such a unpleasant defeat, reports Xinhua.

File design of Rafa Benitez. GettyFile design of Rafa Benitez. Getty

File design of Rafa Benitez. Getty

“It’s unpleasant for us to lose, and to remove a approach we did. What we need to do now is tighten ranks and work hard. What I’m endangered about is restoring a team’s spirit quickly,” pronounced Benitez, who insisted his side had started a diversion well.

“We faced a good team, we done mistakes and we paid for them. We gave a round divided and that hurts you,” he said, fortifying his preference to collect Cristiano Ronaldo, Gareth Bale and Karim Benzema.

“We wanted to win a round behind high adult a representation and try to browbeat possession, though we unsuccessful to do that… What we have to do now is rebound behind as fast as possible. There’s a prolonged approach to go yet,” he insisted.

Meanwhile Barcelona manager Luis Enrique was enjoying one of a best nights of his career.

“It’s a good feeling since they’re a categorical rivals,” he said, adding he was gay during a win, “because of a approach we achieved it.”

However, notwithstanding a repairs a win did to Madrid, a Barcelona manager didn’t wish to massage too most salt into a wound, nonetheless he insisted his side had been a improved of a two.

“I didn’t see a Real Madrid side on their knees, it’s only that we played during a aloft turn on each area of a representation where we wanted to. We were effective adult front and plain during a back. The outcome is some-more of a covenant to how good we played, rather than a thoughtfulness of Real Madrid being poor,” pronounced a Barcelona coach.